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HELLO GORGEOUS by William Mann

Friday, TCM saluted Barbra Streisand by airing a number of her films: YENTL, FUNNY GIRL, THE MAIN EVENT, UP THE SANDBOX, THE PRINCE OF TIDES, etc. 

And then Saturday, my girlfriend and I went to a bookstore.  They had a used copy of William Mann's HELLO GORGEOUS, a book about Barbra.

I got it and it's really a live read.  It ends while she's playing Fanny Brice in the play FUNNY GIRL which is probably best because there's so much more that could have been included.

By focusing on her early years, they were able to cover her first three albums and I was glad to learn that she's not all that impressed with her first album.  I'm not either.  It's kind of clamped down Streisand.  I think THE SECOND BARBRA STREISAND ALBUM is the classic of her early work. 

We get a look inside the building of the myth and those who worked hard to develop it.

Which isn't to say she didn't have talent.  She had huge talent.  And a strong belief in herself.  But she did have a group of people who believed in her. 

I've read William Mann's book on Elizabeth Taylor and enjoyed it but I really enjoyed HELLO GORGEOUS.  It's a strong book that's really a lot of fun to read.  I strongly recommend it, especially if you're curious about Barbra but it's actually interesting enough on its own that you don't even have to be a fan to enjoy the book.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Monday, August 20, 2018.  Another service member dead in Iraq as the lies continue.

This is Sheryl Crow performing "Shine Over Babylon."

Luan Parle wrote the song.  Sheryl covered it on her album DETOURS.

An idiot wanted to 'talk' 'music' on Twitter and, big surprise, he didn't know what the f**k he was talking about.  See "Iraq and western music" from last night.  A friend called early this morning -- he's in NYC and knows I wake up early -- to say if I wanted to revisit the topic, I could also talk about the climate.

Let's talk about the climate.  First, Sheryl Crow?  As Cass Elliot used to say, "I wouldn't piss on her if she were on fire."  Sheryl and her 'gal pal'  decided to heckle Karl Rove in 2008 but not about the Iraq War or the people dying, just about the environment -- her 'gal pal' traveled everywhere by private jet which does nothing to help the environment (nor does paving over protected wetlands).

So if it's not clear, I think Sheryl is one of the most useless pieces of s**t to ever make noise into a microphone.

She's the perfect one to explain the climate with because I can't stand her.

In the lead up to the Iraq War, Sheryl made it known that she was against the Iraq War.  This wasn't Janeane Garafolo type activism.  It was mild and weak, not unlike her music.  It included performing live in the lead up with the word "PEACE" on her guitar strap.  That might have been her 'biggest' statement, in fact.

For that, she was savaged and attacked.  Please note, for reasons no one could ever explain to me, she became a critics' darling.  Her so-so voice with its so-so range sang so-so songs that no one in the world ever needed, wanted or, really, remembered.  But because she was so bland, she became the face of female rock.

Up until that moment.  Suddenly, there was an effort to trash her by the same ones building her up.  Most infamously, a newspaper did a music 'roundtable' and their critics spent a lot of time trashing Sheryl.  These same critics had praised her like crazy.  But the paper was against those against the Iraq War.  One of the critics, the sole woman involved, especially trashed Sheryl insisting Christina Aguilera's STRIPPED should have been nominated instead of Sheryl.

This was beyond bulls**t.  Whatever you think of Christina (I like her), she couldn't be nominated because STRIPPED came out too late (though not nominated for the Grammys broadcast in 2003, the album would be nominated in 2004).  And, golly gee, a music critic should damn well know that.

So when I confronted the _____ (add pejorative of choice) over the phone, she gave me this b.s. about how she didn't mean any of it -- THEN WHY DID YOU SAY IT! I screamed into the phone -- but she had to keep her job and they were given orders to trash Sheryl and anyone else who was standing up to the impending war.

This was the climate.  Jane Fonda was delightful in MONSTER-IN-LAW but got some hideous reviews.  Why?  Because she was seen as dangerous.  Three different film critics told me they were ordered to trash her.  (I know them and I believe them.  The witch who trashed Sheryl is someone I didn't know -- but who, to this day, e-mails trying to get me to see her side -- a side that she could very easily put into print today if she had any damn guts or integrity.)

Jane was gearing up to go on a speaking tour with George Galloway.  Weak ass Tom Hayden would talk her out of that (she was a fool to listen -- but, like all of us, Jane can be a fool from time to time).

The notion that Jane was about to get political upset a number of media heads.

That was the climate.  Madonna tossing a grenade at a Bully Boy Bush look alike in her "American Life" video was targeted so strongly that she redid the video.  And we all know what was done to the Dixie Chicks.

In fact, is there a reason that, as John McCain is dying, the various efforts to spit polish his image do not include the Dixie Chicks.  That's about the one thing he can be proud of.  In a Congressional hearing, he called out Clear Channel dropping the Dixie Chicks from all of the stations Clear Channel owned.  (Maybe those statements are also ignored today because of the censorship FACEBOOK and Twitter are caring out currently?)

And it didn't start with the lead up to the Iraq War.  It started right after 9/11 as songs like John Lennon's "Imagine" were purged from the airwaves.  Clear Channel's list also included The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egypitan," the Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday," Pat Benatar's "Love Is A Battlefield," Alanis Morissette's "Ironic," Soundgarden's "Fell On Black Days," . . .

At least 150 songs banned including this incendiary number, Shelley Fabares' "Johnny Angel" -- a number one hit in 1962.

Johnny Angel, how I love him, he's got something that I can't resist . . .

A plane filled with innocents?

Seriously, WTF?  This is the land we lived in and this banning didn't last for just one day.

So, yes, when Baby Cum Pants takes to Twitter without knowing a damn thing and wants to have a 'conversation' without doing the basic work required, it's insulting and nobody needs it. 

Iraq continues to suffer and does so with damn little attention from Americans -- singers or otherwise.

When does Donald Trump plan to visit the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq? It's been two years. My bet: He's claiming bone spurs won't allow him to go voice his support for the troops fighting for this country.

Oh, look, everybody, it's a fake ass!  Kurt Eichenwald who paid for kiddie porn -- and was an administrator on a kiddie porn board -- who paid a performer to use an underage performer -- kiddie porn -- in a scene broadcast on the internet -- he's out from under his rock again!

If you're new to this topic, see Margaret Kimberley's "Kurt Eichenwald's White Privilege" as well as the following:

The Perils of Journalism and Child Porn

The Perils of Journalism and Child Porn

New York Times reporter was a member of an illegal underage porn site, claims he was only "posing as online predator"

Kurt doesn't give a s**t about the Iraq War except to try to use it as a club against his political enemies.  Reality: Barack Obama was president of the United States for eight years and visited Iraq once and only once while president.

Instead of whining about Donald Trump not visiting Iraq, pervy Kurt should be demanding US troops exit Iraq.


Isaac Chotiner: What about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, aside from their length, are different than other wars America has waged?

C.J. Chivers: Well, one of the main differences is the separation between the fighting class—the people in the military who actually go to the wars—and the larger public. We had something like 3 million veterans from these wars. That’s less than 1 percent of the population. These veterans are in many ways geographically and socially isolated from the rest of us. There’s not a broader sense of stake in the outcome of these wars at the personal level than there have been in the major wars of our past. The military goes to war; the country does not. We have a very, very deep and almost psychic separation from these wars because of the absence of selective service, because of the all-volunteer force.
C.J. Chivers?  You're a whore promoting his wares (a book).   When exactly does your paper (THE NEW YORK TIMES) plan to write an article about the Iraqi people?
It's their country.  They want the foreign troops out and always have.         

It's really telling that 15 years later, as the Iraq War continues, the US press still can't focus on the Iraqi people.  They are the victims here.  It is their country.

And US troops are not doing anything noble or worthwhile in Iraq.

As long as we pretend otherwise, we allow the war to continue.  It's not noble.  It's not about freedom.

In 2010, Barack overturned the Iraqi voters to give thug Nouri a second term -- and Joe Biden went to Baghdad and gave a speech about Ireland that left all politicians present scratching their heads.  It's not about freedom.  It's about keeping Iraq weak and keeping it in line.

At this late date, C.J. Chivers is just writing porn if he can't admit to that reality.

James Laporta (NEWSWEEK) notes, "An American special operations helicopter crashed early Monday morning in Iraq, injuring several U.S. service members onboard, Newsweek has learned."  Maegan Vazquez (CNN) adds, "A coalition service member was killed and several others injured when their helicopter crashed Sunday night in Iraq, according to a statement by the US-led coalition."

C.J. Chivers and all the other liars are keeping US troops in Iraq.  He falsely links Iraq and 9/11 in his hideous book.  He pretends there's some noble mission there.  It's about oil.  Alan Greenspan said it and was forced to walk it back because the truth must not be told.  But it's about oil and control and it always has been.

The truth matters.

RUDAW reports:

American troops will remain in Iraq “as long as needed” to help stabilize the country, the spokesperson for the US-led coalition to defeat ISIS said on Sunday.

“We’ll keep troops there as long as we think they’re needed,” Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) spokesman Colonel Sean Ryan told a press conference in Abu Dhabi, as reported by Reuters.

“The main reason, after ISIS is defeated militarily, is the stabilization efforts and we still need to be there for that, so that’s one of the reasons we’ll maintain a presence,” he added.

It's not about ISIS.  It's about control and occupation.  And as long as we allow the lies otherwise to go unchallenged, the Iraq War continues.

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