Thursday, April 20, 2017

EMPIRE needs to pack it in

EMPIRE was on a winter break forever.

And last night?

A damn repeat.

A damn repeat.

It returned March 22nd and, four episodes later, it's repeat time again?

It was off from December 14th to March 22nd?

It's already bleeding viewers.

And it pulls that stunt?

I was going to watch last night because so many of you e-mailed saying "Give it another chance."

But I watch and it's that same damn episode I hate on March 22nd.

Does it even want anyone to watch?


I think I'm done with it until they have the Demi Moore episodes.

I'll give it another chance then.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, April 20, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, The Mosul Slog continues, and much more.

Day 184 of The Mosul Slog.

Let's start with yesterday's snapshot:

And, equally important, there is no safe passage out of Mosul.

The Iraqi government refused to provide one.  And told people to stay at their homes.  A message they repeated only weeks ago.

Those are facts.

When you don't want facts?

Turn to The Whore of Babylon herself, Jane Arraf.

The former CNN reporter pops up anywhere they can throw a few pennies at her -- or toss a Hershey bar into her tent.

Yesterday afternoon?

NPR, where she insists:

More than 300,000 civilians are still trapped in Mosul. ISIS has kept them there to prevent the U.S. and Iraq from launching airstrikes and mortars against their fighters. The Iraqi battle plan coordinated with the U.S. military has involved surrounding the city and leaving no escape route for either ISIS fighters or civilians.

Leaving no escape route for ISIS or civilians?

But it's ISIS that prevented them from leaving?

It's ISIS?

Oh, Jane, you will whore from your coffin at this rate.

A few note that "later in the day," Ulf Laessing (REUTERS) wrotes:

 Iraqi's army has built a new pontoon bridge over the Tigris river south of Mosul, after flooding had blocked all crossing points, opening an escape route for families fleeing fighting between government forces and Islamic State.
On Friday, the army dismantled makeshift bridges linking the two parts of Mosul due to heavy rain, forcing residents leaving Iraq's second-largest city to use small boats.

That link does go to later in the day but that piece was published elsewhere when the snapshot was being dictated and I was aware of it.

It doesn't effect anything Arraf stated.

Safe passage defined as "official protection for someone when they are in danger or passing through a dangerous area."

Reconnecting a bridge is not creating a safe passage.

WIKILEAKS Julian Assange, for example, is in London at the Ecuadorian Embassy.

His supporters have long called for a safe passage for him.

Yes, Julian can travel to an airport or a dock to leave on a boat.

Or he can try to.

But there's no guarantee he won't be grabbed en route.

That's why they want a safe passage.

And on the topic of Julian Assange, let me be very clear since the slime that is SALON has published another trash attack on him.

Julian Assange is not a rapist.

That has never been determined.

Go back to the archives.  When some of his supporters began insulting the two women involved in the case, we defended them from attacks.

There is no reason to attack those women with smears and lies.

There is also no reason to minimize rape or belittle it.

(Naomi Wolf failed to learn that lesson.)

But taking rape seriously does not mean that we say, "_____ is a rapist!"

Julian deserves the same benefit of the doubt as anyone else who has not been convicted.

Amanda Marcotte seems to think she's 'justice.'

She's not.

Julian has been convicted of nothing.

Rape or alleged rape also has no bearing on WIKILEAKS. (Which is why our advice was two-fold back in the day: Stop attacking those two women and get back to publishing.)

For fools like Marcotte to say they 'know' Julian (she's never met him) based on her interactions with men online -- how sad for Amanda that this is her only interaction, get out and live a little, there's a whole world offline -- to say the release of e-mails on Hillary were about sexism is to be invited to be called a damn liar.

Hillary Clinton attacked Julian, she attacked his supporters.

There is no question that there is personal animosity on both sides.

Does Hillary hate men?

I've never accused her of that.

So Amanda and her ilk need to stop smearing Julian's work as based on hatred for women.

What Julian hates is public record: Lies.

His whole career is about that.

The fact that it took place on the international stage explains why Marcotte has no clue.

She's another simpleton who never realized that there's a whole word far beyond her nose.  She's got a big nose, but it's a big world.

She is the ugly face of US feminism that so angers British activists.  She's ignorant, she fails to see that various factors can converge.  She's a single-issue type person, the sort of White feminist in the 70s that would refuse to recognize that women of color could face additional issues, real issues, that need to be addressed.

The problem with "the personal is political" has always been that some have only seen their own personal life.

The personal is political is a response to the idiots -- today it would be Michael Walzer to name but one -- who would look at, for example, spouse abuse and decree it a personal problem.

Marlo Thomas has spoken at length and with far more wisdom on this topic than I ever could, but to short hand: issues like rape and spouse abuse were deemed "personal problems."  They are not personal problems.  Murder is not a personal problem.  But when men like Amanda were in charge, they would judge what worked as important for them.

That's what "the personal is political" was truly about, destroying this separate spheres argument that undermined the rights of so many to protect those in power.

Julian Assange has not been convicted of rape.

It is dishonest to call him a "rapist."

It's flat out lying to say he's sexist.

Amanda and her ilk put a very ugly face on feminism and make it hard for those of us who are feminists.

Safe passage for those in Mosul is not a new call.

Media Contact
Negin Janati 203.212.0044 (M)

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (November 1, 2016) — As Iraqi forces close in on IS-held Mosul, now is a critical moment to protect children and open safe routes to allow the 1.5 million civilians still trapped in the city, including about 600,000 children, to leave safely.
With civilians bracing for the anticipated escalation in violence, Save the Children warns that safe passages must be urgently established.
Maurizio Crivellaro, Save the Children’s Iraq Country Director said innocent civilians face growing risks each day they remain in Mosul. "As fighting escalates, it is going to become increasingly difficult for families to leave, and for those who remain and are injured to get the medical treatment they need. We cannot sit back and wait for another situation like Aleppo to unfold while there is still the opportunity to get children out of the warzone."
Fears are mounting for families trapped in the city amid reports of civilians being rounded up as targets, with IS placing them in the line of fire ahead of the imminent onslaught. An increasing number of hospitals and schools are believed to be occupied by IS fighters, and concerns are growing that they will be targeted by military forces in the coming days.
Mahmoud* recently escaped the village of Shura, south of Mosul. As fighting approached the village about a week ago, he and his family were taken deeper into IS territory, where IS were reportedly forcing people to act as human shields.
"We and about 100 families were taken on foot about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) along the road and were about to arrive in Surouj when Iraqi military helicopters attacked. There was so much fighting everywhere and we were trapped between the two villages."
In the chaos, the families fled back to their village, but were forced to leave again days later when they heard IS was coming back.
While more than 17,700 people have fled from towns in the Mosul region as the frontline has approached the city, the residents of Mosul itself have been prevented from leaving by IS fighters who have planted land mines and stationed snipers around the city, as well as by fighting in the area.
"Protecting innocent civilians must be the priority in this battle," Crivellaro said. "Reports that IS has kidnapped people from villages nearby Mosul city shows they intend to make this fight as difficult as possible by hiding in a city full of civilians.
"Iraqi forces must ensure that families are given genuinely safe passages out of the city to avoid mass casualties of innocent civilians who will be caught in the crossfire and beyond the reach of humanitarian aid.
"Military commanders have previously suggested vulnerable families stay inside and put white flags on their homes. This risks making them targets.
"The recent commitment of the Iraqi Prime Minister to establish safe corridors is reassuring – we need to see this prioritized and it should happen as soon as possible."
Mahmoud said that children’s quality of life was under IS rule was significantly impacted, and they were unable to go to school or enjoy any semblance of normality. "I have four daughters. Before IS, the older ones were going to school and loved it. When IS took over the content of the curriculum changed, so we stopped sending them to school. Every lesson became militarized. Even math lessons—they would teach the children ‘one bullet plus one bullet equals two bullets’. They haven’t been to school for two years."
"We didn’t have anything – I even had to sell my car for money to spend on food and medicine for my children," he said.
*Names have been changed to protect identities.

Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We invest in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Save The Children made that call back in November of last year.

Carlo Munoz (WASHINGTON TIMES) reports:

In the months since breaking into the city’s eastern districts, the offensive’s progress has bogged down significantly into the toughest urban fighting U.S. forces have seen since World War II, said Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

American and coalition firepower, which was key to the Iraqi forces’ rapid advance in western Mosul, has also been stymied by the Islamic State group’s use of Iraqi civilians as human shields to frustrate coalition airstrikes.

And Maher Chmaytelli (REUTERS) adds, "The battle to dislodge Islamic State from the Old City of Mosul, where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians are trapped, could turn into the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the war against the militants, the United Nations warned on Tuesday."

And again, this is day 184 of The Mosul Slog.

Bodies suggest extrajudicial killings in Iraq

I guess noticing killings isn't as 'fun' as lying about Julian Assange which is why the Amandas can blather on as a US-started war continues for 14 years without their bothering to weigh in?

Tensions mount between Iraq (the KRG specifically but Erdogan's plan to continue war on northern Iraq is objected to by even the central government out of Baghdad) and we'll cover that tomorrow but for now we'll note:

Iraq summons the Turkish ambassador to protest Erdogan comments on PMF "PMF is a terrorist organization"

The following community sites updated:

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    New content went up at THIRD:

    All of it is great but the TV roundtable is where we talk about the Emmys (I mentioned it yesterday in my post "SHADES OF BLUE").

    One of the shows discussed in the roundtable is THE GREAT INDOORS.

    1. PlexPy (Shad0wFlix 2.0) The Great Indoors was recently added to Plex.
    2. Love The Great Indoors CBS please renew show Happy fans will watch

    That is a CBS show that I catch every Thursday night.

    I watch THE BIG BANG THEORY to catch it, in fact.

    And didn't do that until THE GREAT INDOORS started airing.

    CBS needs to renew it.

    And I think that argument can be made especially if you read Ava and C.I.'s piece about how the brass fails the shareholders.

    THE GREAT INDOORS is just the type of show they're talking about that will do well in syndication.

    Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, The Mosul Slog continues, Human Rights Watch's Kenneth Roth continues to ignore Iraq and continues to lie, and much more.

    Don't you get tired of the paid liars.

    Trina rightly called out the former FEC commissioner in"Ann M. Ravel is a stupid ass who needs to shut the hell up."

    Ravel's calling for restraint and censorship of political speech.

    Ravel needs to learn the Constitution as well as the history of America.

    While Ravel foams at the mouth about the right-wing, she ignores the liars on the left.

    We've killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians in 2 months because Trump decided to loosen the rules of military engagement.

    America Resurgent doesn't give a damn about the civilians in Iraq.

    They don't even give a damn about the ones killed since Trump came into the White House.

    They were silent as Barack aided and armed the government of Nouri al-Maliki which persecuted and tortured Sunnis.  They were silent as Nouri bombed civilians in Falluja.  They were silent as Hayder al-Abadi continued that tradition.

    They don't give a damn about Iraq.

    The US government killed thousands of Iraqi civilians every year under Barack -- despite Barack being elected to end the Iraq War.

    America Resurgent is a group of liars who toss out anything to try to spread their lies.

    But they don't care about Iraq.

    And they're not calling for an end to the war.

    Like Blood Whore Hillary, they're just fine with killing people.

    And make no mistake, when they talk about Republican voters, they're fine with killing them as well.

    America Resurgent is a hate machine designed to protect the corporations, not to help the people.

    Not to help the people of Iraq, not to help the people of the United States.

    In a sane world every British MP who endorsed the illegal Iraq war should be banned from public office. A 'mistake' that big is unforgivable


    And that same rule should be applied to Australian politicians and those in the US.

    But there are enough liars in the world to justify US politicians voting for the Iraq War.

    And there are enough liars in the US to pretend like the Iraq War ended.

    IMPORTANT Abbas brigade announced that they are ready and operations in west (Tal Afar) will start soon.

    Well good.

    It's day 182 of The Mosul Slog.

    Good to know Hayder and his troops are 'ready' to emerge from yet another break.

    : Video shows heavy fighting between and the |i army in Western today. An army tank was destroyed and is burning.

    Day 182.

    The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs notes:

    Since the start of military operations to retake Mosul six months ago, nearly half a million people have been displaced from their homes.
    “The sheer volume of civilians still fleeing Mosul city is staggering,” said Lise Grande, the Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq.
    “Our worst case scenario when the fighting started was that up to one million civilians may flee Mosul. Already, more than 493,000 people have left, leaving almost everything behind,” said Ms. Grande.
    The UN estimates that as many as 500,000 people remain in ISIL-controlled districts in western Mosul, including 400,000 in the densely populated old city. Humanitarian partners are working around-the clock to expand emergency sites and camps to shelter the hundreds of thousands more who may flee in coming days and weeks.
    “Mosul has pushed us to our operational limits,” said Ms. Grande. “1.9 million people have received life-saving assistance since the fighting began. Front-line organizations have been providing food, water, shelter, emergency kits, medical support and psycho-social services. We’re reaching families who have fled and families who have stayed.”
    “We’re doing everything we can but this has been a long battle and the assault on the old city hasn’t started,” said Ms. Grande. “The battle in western Mosul is very different than in the east— it’s much tougher. There are more trauma injuries, homes are being destroyed, food stocks are dwindling quickly and families are at serious risk because there isn’t enough drinking water.” “Civilians in Mosul face incredible, terrifying risks. They are being shot at, there are artillery barrages, families are running out of supplies, medicines are scarce and water is cut-off. Nothing is more important than protecting civilians—nothing,” said Ms. Grande.
    Under international humanitarian law, all parties to the conflict are obliged to do everything possible to protect civilians, ensure they have the assistance they need and limit damage to civilian infrastructure.
    For further information, please contact:
    Damian Rance, Communications Officer, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq, (
    UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:
    To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

    Doesn't sound like success.

    But helping the Iraqi people was never the goal at any stage of this never-ending Iraq War.

    Day 182 and INSIDE SYRIA MC offers:

    For the past months, Washington has faced the urgent need to distract the world’s attention from its devastating failure in Mosul in order to hide the huge number of casualties among the local population. Perhaps, this became one of the main reasons for carrying out a new full-scale campaign to topple and discredit Bashar Assad.
    However, every effort that is making by the U.S. to hide its failures, in fact, is futile. The ‘counter-terrorist’ operation in the Iraqi Mosul has been going on for more than 6 months. According to the Pentagon, the number of losses among the coalition forces has already reached at least 9,000 military personnel and 1,600 units of military equipment. Of course, we must admit that the overwhelming majority of casualties are among the Iraqi military. But we should not forget that the Iraqi soldiers are led by generals of the international coalition. Thus, all the losses during the assault of Mosul are the result of U.S. direct command.

    It’s not a secret that the U.S. indiscriminant air strikes lead to a daily increasing number of civilian casualties. Considering the fact that all this is happening under the patronage of the United States, the natural question arises – how effective is Washington in fighting terrorism, if it can’t minimize the losses among civilians?

    Day 182.

    This is what it looks like to flee for your life from . Since the battle begun, up to 500,000 people have risked everything to leave.

    That's the reality of war.

    Here's another reality, Kenneth Roth is addicted to war.

    He's also addicted to lying.

    Assad chemical attacks are part of pattern of attacks on civilians & health care: on .

    Kenny Loser has no proof that Assad did anything.

    But he's a liar and liars don't need proof.

    And if you doubt he's a liar, he's spreading Annie Sparrow far and wide.

    Who is that?

    The War Hag stupid enough to marry . . . Kenneth Roth.

    Guess needed disclosures don't matter when you a war whore, right Kenny?

    Annie is ugly but, hey, so is Ken.  It was a match made in hell.

    If you're looking for reality on Syria, hop on over to CONSORTIUM NEWS.

    Robert Parry asks whether the new Syria-sarin crisis is another case of Al Qaeda fooling Official Washington,

    Robert Parry notes the sudden disappearance of Russia-gate and explains why,

    Or you can listen to Kenneth Roth -- a man so lacking in scruples that he fails to tell the world that the 'expert' he's reTweeting is so ignorant that she married him.

    Maybe that's why Kenny didn't disclose it, he knew how stupid it would make her look?

    For a strong discussion on Syria (and other topics), stream the below.

    Excellent panel on Palestine, Syria and Yemen by some of the best journos today: , ,

    ADDED: The following community sites -- plus BLACK AGENDA REPORT and Tavis Smiley -- updated: