Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WTF is up with Hulu?

For the last 2 hours, every time I try to stream from Hulu, I get the same error message.


I have a day off for a change.  Because I'm running my aunt to the doctor in a bit.  So I got up and watched "Body of Proof" at Hulu and then, after that, for the last two hours, nothing will stream.  Not movies, not TV, not clips.  Always the same damn message.

And if I was just Hulu, I'd probably shrug but as a Hulu Plus-er -- who pays each month -- this is unacceptable.

Anyone else having this problem today?

Alright, grabbing the following links from Ann's site so I can note everybody in the community's most recent piece.

1 comment:

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