Saturday, January 3, 2009


My blog now lists this site on the blog list.

Why? A lot of community members with sites grab links off this site. C.I. and Rebecca especially. And it's easy for C.I. to just say (as is done this morning), "Since Friday, the following community sites have updated . . ." and list copy and paste from my list which will give the name of the most recent post at every site.

Except mine.

So they have to remember to grab mine further down the page and also intro it by saying something like, "Last night, Stan posted . . . " then add "and the following community sites have updated as well . . ."

So it's just easier if it can all run together. And I grasped that but didn't think there was anything I could do about it. Rebecca and C.I. thought on it and asked me to consider adding my blog to my blogroll. I said I'd try it but didn't think it would let me. It did so now I'm listed. And will be at the top because I'm going to be the last one posting today. Just want to be clear this isn't a vanity move on my part.

C.I.'s "2008: The Year of Living Hormonally (Year in Review)" went up Thursday and I wanted to put up my favorite part; however, I rushed last night to post and forgot so here it is:

Both women were falsely labeled racist as a result. Labeling people "racist" was, in fact, the political game of 2008. Of course, no one was ever supposed to note that, in an educated society, calling Barack "Black" was racism. He's bi-racial.

Why that? Because it's true. Because my picking it reminds C.I.'s been a leader on this and refused to toss the bi and multi-racial community under the bus. And because, "in an educated society, calling Barack 'Black' was racism." Amen.

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