Sunday, December 25, 2011

Joy to the world

I see Ba'athists

Your Christmas gift from Isaiah, his The World Today Just Nuts "I See Ba'athists" -- bloody Nouri and clueless Barack.

I love it and I'm sure you do as well.

Hillary is 44 has a post ("Festival Of Lights") that includes their being attacked:

This Kook who is attacking us as “Republican ratf*ckers” is a self confessed Obama fan and Hillary hater. He says “I was not a hugeHillary fan…. I didn’t like the idea of dynasty… I simply thought that the Clinton name was damaged… I took at that time an ABC — Anyone But Clinton — attitude. I even supported Obama.” And this fool is preaching to us????

Since the very beginning we have made it clear we do not worship Hillary or Bill Clinton. We respect them. More importantly Bill and Hillary Clinton are the only clear avenues to resurrecting the winning, on principles, Democratic Party of FDR.

We have often written that the return of the Democratic Party of FDR and Hillary Clinton is necessary to this democracy. A principled and strong Republican Party is necessary too. These two principled parties can then engage in a debate to gain the loyalties of the sovereign American people and be rewarded with the consent of the governed.

We have noticed among some Obama opponents of the left a desire to slightly denounce Obama and continue to praise the “Democrats” and their alleged “principles”. We find this disgusting. Obama must be removed from power along with all those who enabled them and that includes the hypocrite left that used misogyny and race-baiting to force Obama on the electorate.

And that "Kook"?

It's that idiot who was screaming "racist" at people. The one I left a comment at his site noting that this Black man did not appreciate his White ass hurling "racist" every five seconds at political enemies who were not making racist statements.

I worded it nicely but that was the main thrust.

And he attacked me in the comments. White middle aged man wanted to explain racism to me, wanted to educate this Black man on what racism is.

Here's what racism is: A White man who thinks he needs to educate Blacks on racism.

So Betty and I both wanted to blog tonight to note Hillary is 44 again due to the fact that the creep was attacking it.

At Third, we posted new content this morning:

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