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Tonight, a new episode of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

The bad news?

As noted at the end, there are only two more episodes left for the season.

This episode?

Tegan?  A friend or foe?  Annalise and the gang don't know if Tegan can be trusted and they know she's an FBI informant.  Michala comes up with an idea to ensure that Tegan doesn't trust the FBI.  They send her an anonymous e-mail telling her they know she's Jane Doe.

That does make her doubt the FBI.

It also alerts IT who then rush to tell Timothy Hutton about it.  So now he knows that she's the one who sold the law firm (and Laurel's father) out to the feds.

He tries to get Annalise's opinion on Tegan.  She vouches for her.  This only makes him suspicious and he contacts IT and tells them he's going to need them to look at the e-mails of another employee.

Annalise tells Tegan she vouched for her and Tegan shows her a webpage announcing Miller's body has been found.

That's Bonnie's doing.  The longer it stayed missing, the better it was.  But Miller's mom was talking to Bonnie and Bonnie couldn't stand letting the woman hope in vain that her son would come back alive.

Pretty Boy was saved by Annalise and the gang.  The feds charged him as a terrorist.

Bail was set at a million.  They weren't sure how to fight it but Laurel was the smart one.  When they couldn't find anything from the past, she thought to look at the camera footage from the camera Frank planted in Gabriel's apartment.  It showed the FBI search and the FBI planting evidence under the mattress.  Annalise showed it in court and the feds dropped the charges.

Gabriel was then roped in to help go after the governor.  He lied to the FBI that Miller spoke to someone named "Lynn" -- he didn't know who.  Lynn is the governor, of course.

It was a really strong episode.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, February 7, 2019.  The media can't stop selling war.

From CBS' THIS MORNING earlier today.

There is so much wrong with the above, see Seymour Hersh's LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS reporting for the bulk of what CBS got wrong, but grasp how Norah O'Donnell rushes in to insist the military (US) is doing a great job but not to insist that they come home.  That must never be said, apparently.  Which goes a long way towards explaining how we have endless wars.  She wants to prove she's pro-military by applauding their work, she just isn't pro-military enough to support them coming home.

"We are the cops of the world," Phil Ochs famously sang and the reason that registered in the sixties and the reason it registers today is because the American people don't support this nonsense and never have.  Helping a country is not sending Americans to fight for years and years.  And it is not something that Americans support.

Which is why these eternal wars are marketed and sold on lies.  Which is why killers like Samantha Power take self-righteous stands and poses as helpers when they are anything but ("the cruise missile left," these killers are called)..

Norah O'Donnell does not support the military in the least, not as an anchor of CBS THIS MORNING.  She's poses and preens.  She's the mid-level supervisor who pretends to listen to a complaint but does nothing and has just been dispatched to shut you up.  "Oh, that's so awful that you're sick from overwork.  Well you're doing a great job!"  She's heartless and just there to stand between you and the people above her.  She's the buffer and she's very well to be.

Again, if she truly cared about the US military, she'd be calling for them to come home.

Norah would probably try to pretend -- like she did when she was doing all those attack pieces on John Kerry back in the day -- that she's just 'reporting.'

That's not true.

There is nothing in the clip above about 'reporting.'  It is advocacy journalism and the only point of view they are advocating is continued war.  Do not pretend otherwise and do not accept the lie that this was balanced and fair journalism.

She made matters worse by Tweeting.

Thank you to who is in Syria reporting from the last piece of ISIS-controlled land. This as President Trump predicts ISIS will soon have lost all its territory in Iraq and Syria



She apparently is unaware that the Pentagon has maintained that ISIS still has small areas under their control in Iraq.  Poor Norah.

She's always caught unaware -- like when she was sitting at the desk for years with Charlie Rose but somehow unaware that he was harassing women.  For a journalist, Norah doesn't seem to notice much does she?

US President Donald Trump's remarks earlier this week about using al-Asad base in Iraq to spy on Iran continues to make the news.  ALJAZEERA reports:

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said Iraq aspires to have "good and balanced relations" with all of its neighbours "based on mutual interests and without intervention in internal affairs".
Iraq "rejects being a launching pad for harming any other country", he said during a meeting with UN Iraq envoy Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert at the Muslim leader's base in Najaf.

AP also notes al-Sistani's remarks.  It's interesting, isn't it, how the supposed mainstream press is noting Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani on this issue when the ignored his repeated remarks about the Iraqi government accepting foreign loans, ignored his opposition to Iraq accepting IMF loans and his warnings about how this would limit Iraq's independence.

But on this, they rush to quote him.  Some times, apparently, al-Sistani is a newsmaker worth listening to and, some times, he is not.

ALJAZEERA also notes the supposed leader of Iraq:

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, at his weekly news conference late Tuesday, reminded Trump there are no US bases in Iraq and said he does not accept the idea of his country becoming an arena for fighting a neighbouring country. He called on Trump to retract his statements.

Despite traveling with press on Sunday and Monday, Mahdi refused to make any statement on the matter until "late Tuesday."

This allowed the press to rally around the president of Iraq and present the world with the misinterpretation that the presidency was the highest office in Iraq.  (It's not.)

Donald's Sunday remarks have resulted in days of Iraq coverage -- the kind of coverage not even seen when the Iraq War hit the fifteen year mark.  (It hits the sixteen year mark this March.)

If anyone's wondering what's going on, Carlo Munoz (WASHINGTON TIMES) explains:

The U.S. and Iraq opened talks Wednesday on a new agreement to allow U.S. forces to remain in the country, just days after Mr. Trump angered top officials in Baghdad by outlining plans to keep a military footprint in Iraq indefinitely to “watch” neighboring Iran and prevent a resurgence of terror groups such as Islamic State.

The negotiations come amid the meeting this week of the U.S.-organized “Global Coalition to Defeat Islamic State,” the 79-nation consortium spearheading the fight against the Islamic State.

Mahdi has still been unable to find a Minister of Defense or Minister of Interior.  Four months (so far) those posts have been empty.

Why are US forces staying in Iraq?  If their own government can't fill the post of Minister of Defense at a time when they are 'at war,' why do US forces need to waste their time on the ground in Iraq?

The Iraqi government remains corrupt.

Informed sources reveals a corruption deal valued at $ 19.5 million concluded by the "Oil Ministry" with the company "ALTA" to buy the machines of examining trucks with a double cost ; after the approval of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers to contract with this company directly and exclude it from the conditions of the Implementation of the government contracts.
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Meanwhile . . .

The US-led global coalition against Islamic State has warned that the terror group is not yet defeated in Iraq and Syria, and is exporting hardened fighters to new battlefields around the world

Terrorism is a crime and has to be fought as such.  It is not a 'war.'

War only breeds terrorism.

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