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His latest film may be Quentin Tarantino's most racist and reactionary film yet -- and isn't that saying something with his history?

The film purports to be about the sixties but even allowing for the locale of Hollywood has no real footing in the sixties.

At one point, two actresses play Mama Cass Elliott and Mama Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas.  Along with being members of the group, the two Mamas are famous for being part of the sixties -- which does include being against the Vietnam War.

For this position, Michelle was ripped apart by TEEN magazine in a story entitled "Mama was a Heavyweight" and attacked as unAmerican.

There's also Jean Seberg being very active, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman being very active, Jane Fonda being active in both that anti-war movement and the Native American movement, Shirley MacLaine and Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier being active, Bert Schneider being active (among other credits, Schneider is a producer of EASY RIDER, a film released in 1969 -- the same year Quentin's film is supposed to take place in).  Also in that Hollywood firmament of that time, you've got musical acts like James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross being political (on the last one, she endorsed Hubert Humphrey, she declared at a press conference that was "Black and I'm Proud," she broke the color line more than any women in US entertainment in the sixties), you had Sly and the Family Stone hitting big, you had Nichelle Nichols starring as Uhura on STAR TREK and wanting to quit but staying because Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. explained to her it was important to have an African-American actress on in prime time.

None of these people exist in the film.

There's a Latino who plays a bartender on a western who appears for a few seconds.  There's Bruce Lee who exists as a racial joke (and isn't even that good at martial arts).  It's an insulting portrayal and spitting on Bruce's memory.

The film is racist at its very core -- lamenting a corrupt Hollywood system that created and furthered racism in film.  That's what Quentin's lamenting.  Brad and Leo play versions of the Nixon administration, basically.  They don't appear in on the joke which is probably a good time to grasp that Leo's career is do for a long fade.  He's not been a romantic leading man since 1997's TITANIC and he's really not an action star even when he grapples with a bear.

This racist film will probably sell tickets -- most people aren't going to think enough to grasp what this film is whining about -- the decay of a racist structure.

But it's not a good movie.

And if we're going to talk about its racism, let's talk about the soundtrack especially which has to be about the Whitest soundtrack for a film set in the late sixties.

Yes, the soundtrack does feature Diana Ross & the Supremes' "You Keep Me Hanging On" -- as done by White group Vanilla Fudge.

17 songs hit number one in 1969 (the year of the film) -- six of those were by African-American artists (seven if you count "Get Back" which is credited to "the Beatles with Billy Preston").

But don't look for those or any African-American artists of note on the White, White soundtrack.

Quentin Tarantino's use of the n-word in his films was always problematic.

His defenders tried to pretend it was okay by citing Samuel L. Jackson -- even though Jackson doesn't appear in RESERVOIR DOGS, the film that Tarantino debuted with.  In DJANGO UNCHAINED, Tarantino hid behind Jackson again by making him the bad guy in a movie about slavery -- not any of the White owners, he made the audience root for the defeat of Jackson -- a slave.

Well we've got racist terms in this film again and no Jackson.

And we've got a racist soundtrack that "Vanilla" is the perfect word for.

Don't get me started on the insult to Sharon Tate -- I'm so tired of the defense of mute females in films.

This is pure crap and should pretty much wind down Tarantino's career.  The racist that Harvey Weinstein nutured needs to go the way of the Weinsteins.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, July 26, 2019.  Joe Biden continues to struggle while insisting, "Come at me, bro!"

Starting in the US where the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nominee is on.

25 are seeking the nomination, 20 will be allowed to debate over two nights next week.  The press has declared War Hawk Joe Biden the front runner.

The people have not spoken.

But Joe keeps speaking, keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

America needs Medicare For All.  Joe says "no" while running on Barack Obama's coattails.  There's a problem.

Joe Biden released this new video arguing against Medicare for All, while President Obama himself praised the idea

Guess Joe's not as close to Barack as he likes to claim.

In a new development, Joe has issued a warning, his version of "Come at me, bro."

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is out with a stark warning for his opponents ahead of next week's debates. He's saying: if you come at me, this time, I’m ready to hit back. reports.


If you come at me this time, I'm ready to hit back.


A president needs to be ready on day one, Joe.  And supposedly you have all this experience that makes you so qualified.  But you can't handle your first debate?

Joe's an embarrassment.

Which is why support for Joe continues to drop.  And then drop some more.

"Please clap...☹" Though every poll still shows him running atop the Democratic field, since he joined the race in late April, Biden’s support has been cut almost in half.

Whatever Joe does in next week's debate, let's hope he lays off the make up.  I haven't seen so much foundation on anyone since a TV actress with a heroin habit in the 80s.

Joe Biden will forever be the War Hawk who sold the Iraq War and kept it going.  He's not the only one.  Many did so in the US and elsewhere. In Australia . . .


Link to headline article

John Howard is a War Criminal.  He's the forgotten War Criminal because Tony Blair was Bully Boy Bush's lapdog and no one could ever figure out what was lower than a lapdog.  Whatever that was, it's John Howard.

Meanwhile . . .

Reports indicate the U.S. deciding to sanction 67 political figures & senior officials of the -backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF militia units) in Iraq on charges of money-laundering & relations with Tehran, said Iraqi MP Haytham al-Jabouri in a TV interview.

True or false?  Who knows.  Haythem is a well known liar with a long streak of lies.  He's also State of Law -- but isn't that redundant?  He's lied about government formation in the past, he's lied about so much.  He also has a history of being seen by the Iraqi people as a tool of Iran.  If people are being declared terrorist by the US government, then they can always fight the charges.  The declaration would only make formal what's been stated by the military brass to the press for years.

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