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Hannah Gadsby is still gross and disgusting and not funny

baby stacey

Above is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Baby Stacey Wants On The Ticket."  It went up Sunday.

HBO MAX?  I'll write about it tomorrow.  I have nothing kind to say about it now.

Which brings me to the hideous Hannah Gadsby.

"Why, Stan, are you writing about her?  She stopped doing stand up."

She never did stand up -- not good stand up.  But, yes, she did announce her last special that she was done with stand up.

Well she lied.  She's back.  This one's called "Douglas."  Why?

Who the hell knows?  And who the hell cares?

Here's something we need an answer to.

Not why does she wear men's suits but why does she wear such ugly men's suits?

It's an ugly man's suit.

And does she want to be a man?

That's not a crack about her being a lesbian.  That is noting that her damn suit doesn't fit and keeps bulging in the crotch when she twists to the side. 

Is it a phantom penis?

She's disgusting.

She opens the 'show' by explaining what she's going to do in the show and dithering about with the pretense that she's funny.  An audience that's drunk or loaded plays along.

She's not funny.

She did give a response to Ava and C.I.'s criticism of her last special.  From Ava and C.I.'s "MEDIA: Hannah Gadsby is the 21st century's Jimmy Swaggart" back in 2018:

Hannah rails at Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby as well.  Which really left us confused.

The special was taped in Australia.

She's from Tasmania.

What is with this obsession with America?

She reminded us of the thankfully forgotten Australian blogger Luke Whatshisname who used to daily attack Bully Boy Bush for the Iraq War but never called out Australia's prime minister John Howard.  Now we called out Bully Boy Bush for the Iraq War, but we're Americans.  Luke was an Australian blogging from Australia and he couldn't call out his own country's prime minister for taking part in the Iraq War?

He struck us an inept and incompetent -- like Hannah does today.

There are many men in Australia who could be called out for assault.  Certainly, the one getting all the attention ahead of her taping of the special was George Pell -- Cardinal George Pell, her country's highest-ranking Catholic official -- and thought to be "the most senior Catholic cleric in the world to face such charges."

Or Yunxiang Gao who was arrested earlier this year on charges of assaulting a woman in Sidney? Or the 2017 convictions of Bailey Joseph Hayes-Gordon, Nicholas William Jackson, and Jacob Michael Watson in Brisbane for using a bottle to rape a friend who was passed out?

It's strange how these don't factor into her comedy or her rage.

At the start of this 'special,' she insists that she's going to make fun of America and that it's because she's punching up.  Ha ha ha.  Oh, and she needs to do it now because there's a small window.

Shut the f**k up, you piece of trash.  I don't need a foreigner wasting my time mocking my country.  Kiss my Black ass, you entitled piece of trash.

You're not funny.  You're not attractive.  You don't belong on TV.

She has no real jokes, she just has (as Ava and C.I. noted) virtue signaling.  Go home, Hannah.  I know they don't want you in Australia but we don't want you here.  Paddle home, Hannah, paddle home.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

**Wednesday**, May 27, 2020.  We all wake up grumpy these days.

I had a nightmare.  And then realized it was no dream.

Joe Biden is a hideous candidate by any standard.  But some in the DNC are determined to have him as the presidential candidate.

Accused of assault, his campaign pretends to be standing back and letting events unfold when in reality they are feeding 'reporters' information to attack Tara Reade's character.  Despite their best efforts at embracing rape culture, nothing has changed the fact that Tara's accused him of assault and that her accusation is credible.

Whores like Katha Pollitt insist it's vote Joe or else.  When what they should be insisting is that a senile War Criminal drop out and be replaced.

Joe Biden showed up last week for one of those rare appearances.  He appeared on  Charlamagne tha God's program and insisted that "You ain't Black" if you voted for Donald Trump.  An elderly, White man telling others who was and wasn't Black -- an elderly, White man with a history of racism -- including his crime bill, including his praise for segregationists . . .

In the aftermath last Friday, Joe Biden 'apologized.'  Chris Freind (THE MERCURY) points out:

What isn’t a joke is how racist, arrogant, condescending, obnoxious, tone-deaf and patronizing Mr. Biden’s statement is. About the only thing worse was his non-apology apology: “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy…perhaps I was much too cavalier.” Perhaps? That’s the best he could muster? “Perhaps?”

Joe never really apologizes, he's a sociopath.  When nine women came forward to complain about his inappropriate behavior he did a video 'apology' and then, a few days later, made fun of the women at a predominately all male event.

So no surprise, he's taken back the apology.

From "I shouldn't have been such a wise guy" to now insisting that someone else was the "wise guy."  Fionnuala O'Leary (THE SUN) explains:

The presumptive Democratic nominee acknowledged the statement he made on "The Breakfast Show" was a "mistake" last Friday, but Biden claimed the radio presenter was also being "a wise guy."

"He was being a wise guy," Biden says of Charlamagne, "and I shouldn't have responded in kind."

Way to take ownership, Joe.

Charlamagne was right to doubt the sincerity of the words -- which were never an apology.

It's always someone else' fault and he never takes real accountability.  That's the problem with a career politician and Joe is everything America stands against.

Margaret Kimberley (BLACK AGENDA REPORT) observes:

Joe Biden was always an intellectual light weight and he always had poor impulse control. He was always in the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. Now he believes the hype of the black misleadership class charlatans who make his case by claiming that he has some sort of special relationship with black people. The combination of all these attributes makes his presidential campaign one long train wreck. 
A recent interview on the Breakfast Club  radio program was the occasion of his latest bizarre statement. This time he famously said, “... if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black." He seemed to think that being overly familiar and using bad grammar gave him some sort of credibility.

Symone Sanders, his most prominent black campaign staffer, was left to clean up after him yet again and defend his stupidity by saying that he spoke in jest. The damage was bad enough that Biden had to apologize himself and said that he shouldn’t have been “a wise guy.”
Biden is like Donald Trump, in that he is thoroughly unqualified to be president. Yet black people are desperate to see anyone other than Trump in the White House and that is how the party establishment got away with foisting him upon them. When they aren’t trying to minimize his shortcomings, they admonish anyone who points them out. “But he’s better than Trump!” is their rallying cry lest anyone think for themselves and point out the many reasons why Biden is so problematic. 
Any words of doubt or well deserved humor are frowned upon and even attacked. There is a strange magical thinking afoot that equates acknowledgement of Biden’s faults with support of Trump. A joke at his expense can lead to foolish argument. The Democratic Party propagandists and their friends in the black misleadership class are to blame for this sad state of affairs. 

Allegiance and subservience to their donor class requires them to lie to the party rank and file. Their scam depends upon convincing voters that they work on their behalf when they do nothing of the sort. They had to explain away Hillary Clinton’s defeat with tales of Russian intrigue and blame directed at the left. Trump’s awfulness makes him the perfect foil. They can pretend to oppose him with an impeachment charade which satisfies their base but when he proposes a space force or $700 billion in defense spending they go right along with whatever he wants.

He is not qualified to be president.  He doesn't know where he is, he tells people to vote him into the Senate, he is just not fit.

And his team knows this and has begun the process of lowering expectations.  So they whisper to the press that Joe will have a solid team behind him, the team will be running things, the team . . .

Sorry, that's not what the US Constitution defines.

He qualifies right now, before the election, as incapacitated.  If he were president right now, there would be a solid case for removing him from office.

The interview with Charlamagne was Joe's first real appearance in months.  Coronavirus was a gift to Joe.  He was getting tired and the eyes were starting to water and he was snapping at people.  Along came coronavirus and the man who can't handle the campaign trail was handed a gift.  But all the resting he did while 'sheltering' (instead of campaigning) did not do him any good.

He is unfit for the office and he really can't handle the campaign.

This is America's nightmare.

The Democratic Party refuses to nominate a candidate that inspires or even one that's just competent.  Instead, they go with Joe.

Katha Pollitt, Norman Solomon and other whores have already begun the roll out of attempt to bully people into voting for Joe.  That sort of behavior usually takes place in the fall, after the DNC has their convention.  But Biden's so weak that they're having to start it months earlier.

Let's go back to Chris Freind:

A joke making the rounds shows a Wheel of Fortune puzzle missing one letter. It reads: “JOE BIDEN IS A RA_IST.” Underneath, two choices: “C” and “P.”

Tommy Virgl (THE DEPAULIA) explains:

If the Democratic party actually wanted to beat Trump, they would replace Biden. Not only is he dishonest and an alleged rapist, but he does not represent the moral high ground that the Democratic establishment touts him as — it would make sense to have a candidate who can contrast Trump’s corruption as an effective strategy.
The logical replacement, if Biden were to withdraw from the race, would be the next person on the ballot with the most delegates, which would be Sen. Bernie Sanders. Not only is Sanders backed by grassroots support, but his clear record would be a great way to contrast Trump’s corruption.
“Standing with survivors doesn’t have a political agenda,” Blenck said.

While the election this November is critical, so is applying a consistent standard of believing sexual assault victims. I believe Dr. Ford. I believe Tara Reade. I don’t believe in a party that’s only willing to defend women and sexual assault survivors when it’s convenient for them.

Bernie Sanders and the media keep talking about my/his supporters.  Bernie Sanders had very few supporters.  The issues he ran on had a ton of supporters.  Bernie is trying to sheep dog everyone which is offensive enough but every time he speaks of 'my supporters,' I cringe.  He's a fake ass and his war on delegates, reported by Genevieve Leigh (WSWS), is very telling.

And the lack of concern of what Biden on the world stage would mean?  Very scary.  He did not just vote for the Iraq War.  He repeatedly destroyed Iraq -- most infamously by overturning the votes of the Iraqi people in the 2010 election.  He is not asked about that, the press ignores it.  It is a very key issue and maybe instead of bullying people to vote for him supposed independent writers should be pressuring him to speak to that.

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