With most productions on hold thanks to quarantine, networks are starving for original content to fill out their fall lineups. In the case of CBS this means dipping into the well of anything that may have finished shooting before lockdown began — even if it was originally intended for streaming. This fall will see the network debut of the One Day at a Time reboot, as well as the return of Star Trek: Discovery to broadcast television.

The new version of One Day at a Time, following the adventures of a Cuban-American family in Los Angeles, has had a turbulent history. It started life as a Netflix series, before being cancelled by the streaming service when the third season didn’t pick up viewership quickly enough. A social media campaign involving producer-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett (and Lin-Manuel Miranda) managed to get the series a slot on Pop TV, a cable network owned by CBS. Only seven episodes made it to air before filming had to be halted due to COVID. CBS was meant to pick it up once it had completed its cable run. Now the first six episodes will be on CBS sooner than expected, airing two episodes a week over the course of October starting on the 12th. Kellett suggested on Twitter that CBS viewership will be vital to the series getting a fifth season.

James Hibberd (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY) notes:

CBS revealed a rather depressing pandemic-era fall TV schedule.

First, there's some news for Star Trek fans who haven't opted to pay for CBS All Access: The debut season of Star Trek: Discovery — you know, the one that streamed in 2017? — will air on the broadcast network this fall. The network also acquired the Netflix/Pop comedy series One Day at a Time and the Spectrum Originals Unabomber miniseries Manhunt: Deadly Games (for CBS regulars in crime procedural drama withdrawal). All three shows may be new to the CBS broadcast network, but they're basically reruns in terms of being content that's already readily available should viewers make an effort to seek them out.

Other than that… well, it's reality TV as far as the eye can see.

There are the tail ends of late-summer-launched shows Love Island and Big Brother, along with premiering the 32nd season of The Amazing Race and the 10th season of Undercover Boss.

There's also the quarantine hilarity of The Greatest #AtHome Video, the clip show hosted by Cedric the Entertainer that — in a metaphor for our times — was originally ordered as a one-off special in May, but then it just kept going on and on and on…

John F. Trent (BOUNDING INTO COMICS) notes STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and charts how it's a ratings loser:

According to Numeris, the first episode topped the charts in Canada with viewership at 2.274 million. By the 14th episode the show was airing on Space+ and only had 938,000 viewers.

In it’s final episode, the show did not even break the top 30 most viewed shows in Canada. PYC2018 Primetime was the least viewed show in the top 30 with 927,000 viewers. That means Discovery had less than 927,000 viewers by season’s end.

That means the show lost at least 1.347 million viewers in the course of 15 episodes. That’s almost a 60% loss in their audience from the season premiere.

You know what's really stupid?  

CBS had a hit show called MAN WITH  A PLAN.  They cancelled it.  They kept the awful UNICORN but they axed MAN WITH A PLAN which was actually funny.  They don't know what they're doing.

So ONE DAY AT A TIME, a good show, is the answer? Putting on old episodes of this show and passing it off as new?  Well, hey, air old episodes of AFTER M*A*S*H* -- no one watched that show in real time so it'll be 'new.'