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My girlfriend is very happy

And it's nothing I've done other than passing this news on to her:

Magnum P.I. is looking to join an elite group of popular broadcast series that have overcome shocking cancellations to continue their runs. No one is commenting, but I hear talks are underway for NBC and/or USA Network to potentially carry the series starring Jay Hernandez.

An arrangement still is being figured out, but I hear one scenario is for new episodes to air on NBC while USA would run previous seasons of the action drama, a reboot of the 1980s series that starred Tom Selleck.

As I wrote back on May 5th about shows on the bubble (shows that might be renewed or could be cancelled, it could go either way):

 Of the shows listed, I'd vote to save CALL ME KAT and BIG SKY.  When I told my girlfriend I was going to note that, she said to note that she would vote to save MAGNUM P.I. but that she would vote even stronger for that guy  (I'm forgetting his name) to be shirtless for over half of each episode (get why I'm forgetting his name).

The guy's name is Jay Hernandez.

We've been watching the show for two years and I had no idea, until May 5th, that she thought he was cute.  And I was more surprised by the women and men who wrote in to say they agreed with her.

The show's not a bad show.  But I thought it was our wind down show.  We usually talk during it.  On a good Friday, we'd gone out and seen a movie and/or had dinner and then we got back here around 11 and we'd watch it (because she has it record to our cloud).  

It's not a bad show and, if it continues with new episodes, I'll talk a lot less during it.  She would tease me and joke after we would watch EMPIRE if Vivica A. Fox was on it (she played Cookie's sister Candice on the show) because I think Vivica's really incredible -- in terms of talent and in terms of looks.  But she would wait until after the show.  So now that I know Jay's her TV guy, if the show continues, I'll wait until after we watch an episode to joke and fun, I'll be quiet during so she can focus.

It's weird because I thought I knew her pretty good and yet I never had any idea that he was her type.  I guess we're always learning about each other when we're in a relationship.

One more thing.  I used to cover ARROW here.  I bailed when they paralyzed Felicity.  I found that offensive because -- as I said when it happened -- it was going to be temporary and that was insulting when we had the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War going on and people being paralyzed in those wars as well as people being paralyzed in every daylife and that wasn't going to be temporary.  

Anyway, Colton Haines was on the show and he played Roy.  In "Colton Haynes." Betty wrote about his new book.  She's read it.  I haven't.  But based on her post, I plan to.  So any fans of ARROW still around, his book is called MISS MEMORY LANE.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, June 2, 2022.  As the US economy continues to suffer, Joe /Biden wants to again give more money to Ukrainel

The website BREAKING DEFENSE asks, "Iraq says its spending big on artillery and jets. Can it afford them?"   With so few jobs to be found that protests have already started this time of the year, with so many Iraqis living in poverty, even more living in poverty conditions because of the lack of basic public services (potable water especially this time of year), there are many reasons to ask that question.

Sadly, BREAKING DEFENSE's only concern is whether or not the US defense industry is going to get paid on time.

Rest assured, provided the crooked politicians don't steal everything  -- the way they usually do -- payment should not be an issue.

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil revealed on Wednesday the initial statistics of its exports of crude oil and the revenues of May 2022.

In a statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, the State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) which is the Iraqi national company responsible for marketing Iraq’s oil, exported more than 102.3 million barrels of crude oil with revenues exceeded 11.43 billion US dollars.

The statistics indicated that the exported quantities of crude oil for May from oil fields in central and southern Iraq exceeded 98.9 million barrels. Moreover, the quantities produced from Kirkuk oil fields and exported through Ceyhan Port exceeded three million barrels.

So excited about $100 barrel oil, they're gearing up for two new wells as well as speculation that they might overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer.  

An yet the people live in poverty.  The month of May saw oil revenues of $11 billion in US dollars and yet the government cannot take care of its own people.  The World Bank estimates that there are 40 million people in Iraq. There is no reason, when you factor in the oil revenues, that every Iraqi shouldn't be living high on the hog.  But that is not the case.

The corruption is so immense that Iraq still can't pay its bills.  THE NATIONAL explains:

Iraq has failed to pay $1.6 billion owed to neighbouring Iran for gas imports, which is needed to guarantee further supplies and prevent worsening power cuts, Baghdad authorities said on Wednesday.

Payment of the debt was a vital requirement to ensure energy supplies were available for Iraq's power plants during the intense heat of the summer months, when electricity demand surges as people seek to keep cool.

The failure to pay comes as Iraq’s oil revenue imports reached another record high. Iraq's revenue reached $11.436 billion in May and has surpassed $10bn every month since March.

Let's stay with oil for a moment because record prices impact not just the seller but also the buyer.  Nick Beams (WSWS) reports:

Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of America’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase, has warned that an economic “hurricane” is about to hit the US because of the war in Ukraine and the tightening of monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve.

Two weeks ago, Dimon warned of “storm clouds” gathering over the US economy. He escalated that assessment at a financial services conference yesterday.

“I said they’re storm clouds, they’re big storm clouds here. It’s a hurricane. That hurricane is right out there down the road coming our way,” he said.

“We just don’t know if it’s a minor one or Superstorm Sandy [the devastating hurricane of 2012] … And you better brace yourself,” he told investors at the conference.

He warned the Ukraine war would continue to put upward pressure on oil prices, which could go to as high as $150 or $175 per barrel. At present oil is over $120 after a spike following the decision by the European Union to ban seaborne oil imports from Russia as part of its tightening sanctions regime.

Dimon warned that oil prices would continue to rise over the longer term.

“We’re not taking the proper actions to protect Europe from what’s going to happen to oil in the short run. And we’re not taking the proper actions to protect you all from what’s going to happen to oil in the next five years, which means it almost has to go up in price.”

As Trina said: Thanks, Joe Biden:

On avocados -- a super food. Thanks, Joe Biden. That's sarcasm. Have you seen how much the price of an avocado has sky rocketed.

Joe sent all our money to Ukraine and now we suffer. You know what, Joe, you pay your own bills first before you dig into the family funds for charity.

What an idiot.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says we are now paying 7.6% more food than this time last year. Thanks, Joe.

For months, as Americans have suffered, US President Joe Biden has been giving money to Ukraine.  He just did a forty million dollar package.  But it's another month and it's time for Joe to give away more American tax dollars while the American people continue to suffer.  From the US Defense Dept:

Attributed to Pentagon Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Media) Todd Breasseale:

Today, June 1, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced the authorization of a Presidential Drawdown of security assistance valued at up to $700 million, tailored to meet critical Ukrainian needs for today’s fight. This authorization is the eleventh drawdown of equipment from DoD inventories for Ukraine since August 2021.

Capabilities in this package include:

  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and ammunition;
  • Five counter-artillery radars;
  • Two air surveillance radars;
  • 1,000 Javelins and 50 Command Launch Units;
  • 6,000 anti-armor weapons;
  • 15,000 155mm artillery rounds;
  • Four Mi-17 helicopters;
  • 15 tactical vehicles;
  • Spare parts and equipment.

The United States has now committed approximately $5.3 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Biden Administration, including approximately $4.6 billion since the beginning of Russia’s unprovoked invasion on February 24. Since 2014, the United States has committed more than $7.3 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

The United States also continues to work with its Allies and partners to identify and provide Ukraine with capabilities to meet its evolving battlefield requirements.

Barack, Joe, Victoria Nuland and others overthrew the duly elected leader of Ukraine in 2014 and they've been stealing US tax dollars to keep the Nazis they backed in place.  Alexander Rubinstein (MP) notes:

As the United States undergoes a national mourning process over a spate of mass shootings, American white nationalists with documented histories of violence are attaining combat experience with advanced US-made weapons in a foreign proxy war.

That’s according to the Department of Homeland Security, which has been gathering intelligence on Americans who have joined the ranks of the more than 20,000 foreign volunteers in Ukraine.

The FBI has indicted several American white nationalists associated with the Rise Above Movement after they trained with the neo-Nazi Azov Battaliion and its civilian wing, the National Corps, in Kiev. But that was almost four years ago. Today, federal law enforcement has no idea how many US neo-Nazis are participating in the war in Ukraine, or what they are doing there.

But one thing is for certain: the Biden administration is allowing the Ukrainian government to recruit Americans – including violent extremists – at its embassy in Washington DC and at consulates across the country. As this report will show, at least one notorious extremist fighting in Ukraine has received extensive promotion from mainstream media, while another who is currently wanted for violent crimes committed in the US was mysteriously able to evade FBI investigators looking into war crimes he previously committed in Eastern Ukraine.

According to a Customs and Border Patrol document released thanks to a May 2022 Freedom of Information Act request by a nonprofit called Property of the People, federal authorities are concerned about RMVE-WS’s, or “racially-motivated violent extremists – white supremacy” returning to the US armed with new tactics learned on the Ukrainian battlefield.

“Ukrainian nationalist groups including the Azov Movement are actively recruiting racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist white supremacists to join various neo-Nazi volunteer battalions in the war against Russia,” the document states. “RMVE-WS individuals in the United States and Europe announced intentions to join the conflict and are organizing entry to Ukraine via the Polish border.”

The document, which was drafted by Customs and Border Protections, the Office of Intelligence, and other Homeland Security sub-agencies, contains write-ups of interviews conducted by law enforcement with Americans en route to Ukraine to fight Russia.

On May 24, 2022 a gunman entered a school in Uvalde, Texas and killed 19 children and 2 teachers. The cycle of thoughts, prayers and pretend action continued but was even worse because of the short span of time between the two events and revelations about police action, or rather inaction, in Uvalde.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut won kudos for his particular act of pretense on the senate floor. Murphy’s performance was a bit over the top but that is probably why it garnered so much attention. The senator seemed to be on the verge of tears as he made an impassioned plea to his colleagues. “What are we doing? … Why are we here? …This only happens in this country and nowhere else. … Nowhere else do kids go to school thinking they might be shot that day. …  I’m here on this floor to beg - to literally get down on my hands and knees and beg my colleagues. Find a path forward here.”

Those are fine words from Murphy until one considers that on a regular basis he advocates U.S. violence all over the world. In December 2013 he joined his colleague John McCain in Ukraine. They attended a rally hosted by the neo-Nazi Svoboda party which was dedicated to overthrowing the elected president. The ensuing violence after the coup killed 14,000 people in the region that opposed the U.S. backed government.

Murphy has been particularly vicious in his efforts to undermine the elected government of Venezuela . “Maduro is evil, and the U.S. should pursue a strategy to undermine him and prompt new elections. No one can defend what he has done to Venezuela. But it’s quite a different thing for the U.S. to incite a civil war with no real plan for how it ends.”  Sound(Ssound familiar?).” Murphy supports the sanctions that have killed thousands of Venezuelans and very publicly defended overthrowing that government too, just as he did in Ukraine. The overly dramatic senator should be asked hard questions about the violence he espouses.

Let's wind down with this from The Green Party of Michigan:




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The Cadillac, Ludington and Manistee Green Party (CLaM) will be launching, June 14, 2022 @ 2pm! This event will be Zoom accessible. For more details, contact Co-Chair Tabbi Krause. Look for them on social media here! Make sure to comment, like and share their content. Let's spread the word!

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The Capitol Area Greens say, "the United States Government has not done nearly enough to combat the ongoing climate crisis." The Capitol Area Greens and the Union of Concerned Scientists, encourage you to push for the immediate transition to 100% renewable energy in the state of Michigan! Contact Governor Whitmer and state lawmakers today! Also, you can look for them among those marching to the capital alongside the GPMIBC, on Juneteenth (June 19, 2022)! If you see them, join em'!

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Exciting news! The Local know as Kent County has now added the Greens in Allegan County into their flock! With several registered Greens interested in running for office in their local group, the Kent/Allegan Greens have just announced an upcoming Nominating Caucus! Contact Charlotte for dates and details!

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Co-Chair/Contact Monika Schwab has reported, the South Central Michigan Greens have a lot on their plate! Fresh from their recent MLK Dream Speech reading by Co-Chair John Anthony LaPietra and the second annual May Day 2022 labor history walk, tabling events are planned at the Jackson County Fair, along with projects with the Jackson County animal shelter, a webinar and much more! Contact Monika for more details and join the South Central folks at their next meeting or event!

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Exciting news out of Macomb County per Contact Sherry Wells! Macomb Green Party Co-Chair, Jeff Sparling is running for Michigan House District #14, which includes most of Warren, Centerline and 30 precincts in Detroit--the Macomb Greens are all on board! A joint effort of election support with other Detroit area Greens for that campaign is sure to create a lot of buzz! So be sure to look for Jeff, Sherry and the Macomb Greens when you're out and about. If you live in the area and want to volunteer, contact Sherry or Jeff! And make sure you're registered to vote!

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*The Green Party of Michigan Black Caucus will be in our state capital for the Juneteenth Celebration! The Black Caucus next meeting will be on Saturday, June 18, 2022 @ 12:30pm (eastern). The agenda will include affordable housing, police reform. black voter registration drive and a proposal to restructure our system of public safety


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