Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Bradley Cooper's nose

Bradley Cooper will be Leonard Bernstein in the upcoming MAESTRO -- one of those pretend 'films' for NETFLIX.   By that, I only mean it gets a limited release and no one sees that but it's how NETFLIX tries to compete in the Oscars.  Which is b.s.  It's a TV movie and they need to stop that crap.

But the film's in trouble for another reason right now -- his nose.  Or rather, the fake nose he wears in the film.  

Bernstein had a big nose, bigger than Bradley's own nose.


The film already has ugh face issues (one of the most repellent actresses in the world, Carey Mulligan, is the leading lady) and now it has this.

Where do I stand?


I agree, he shouldn't have worn it.  Some are dubbing it Jewface -- like Blackface.  I can understand where they're coming from.


I like Bradley Cooper as an actor and I'm willing to believe him in any role he commits to.  Equally true, most people who will watch the film will not have physical expectations of what Bernstein looks like.


We're not talking Elvis Presley where the whole world knows what he looked like.


Equally true, in a biopic on Elton John, it wasn't important that the actor have the same nose as Elton.


This was stupid.  And it was stupid to do because the film had already come under criticism for being another gentile playing a Jews.  


I will stream the film on NETFLIX because I really do like Bradley Cooper's acting -- and he's directing this as well.  And I'm not mad at him or wanting him to apologize for anything.  But I hope he realizes -- and that others do as well -- this is insulting.  It's insulting to the audience and it's insulting to the memory of whomever you're playing.  


It's not the silent age.  Stop with your fake noses.  If the nose is that important, the role should have gone to someone with a larger nose.


For those who feel this is offensive to the Jewish community, I will gladly listen to your arguments.  I'm not Jewish and this is newer topic -- Jewface -- that I really need to learn more about. I'm not shutting down your argument or saying don't make it.


But I'm pretty much ignorant on it so I can't speak to that aspect.  


On what I can speak to, I am speaking to.  I love Zoe Saldana and the nose issue reminds me of when she played Nina Simone in the film NINA (2016).  A lot of people were angry.  They felt a darker skinned actress should have been hired to play the role.  I see that point but Zoe was cast because she was a star in money making films.  That's how the film got made.  It wasn't the only Nina film in the works but it actually got made because Zoe is a film star.  So it wasn't an issue to me.  The fact that the filmmakers then tried to make her skin look darker with make up was an issue to me.  If she wasn't right for the role, she shouldn't have been hired.  The thing was, Zoe was right for the role and gives a great performance.  I still think it's not appreciated as a result of the whole make up nonsense.  And I think that may happen to Bradley's performance.  If that's the case, it's his own fault.  He's the director, he's the actor, he had more than enough power to not use a fake nose.  And he shouldn't have. That's not rake him over the coals, that's can we all please learn something from this to avoid it in the future?

Again, I plan on streaming MAESTRO and the only reason for that is Bradley Cooper.

Oh, and in regards to yesterday's "SCREEN RANT continues to traffic in sexism," the number one film on NETFLIX right now?  HEART OF STONE.  That's right, because it's a hit.  Don't believe the liars.


Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


Wednesday, August 16, 2023.  Climate change is already destroying Iraq, the grandmother of a killer lies to justify her grandson murdering someone, and so much more including hate merchant Naomi Wolf wants to be the new Peggy Noonan.

What's it going to take for the world to get serious about climate change?  It's a climate crisis.  Based on climate models, Iraq will be one of the hardest hit and it's already feeling it but nothing's being done.  Mustafa Salim (WASHINGTON POST) reports:

When Abbas Al-Zalemi walks through his fields, he remembers better times. Amber rice once flourished on the eight acres he inherited from his father, painting them a lush green. The fields are dry and barren now, populated by desert plants, the only kind hearty enough to survive.

“Without amber cultivation, I feel a sense of loss,” said Al-Zalemi, 50. “I avoid coming here to escape the sadness.”

Amber rice has long been revered in Iraq for its distinctive fragrance; in the Iraqi dialect, “amber” is used to describe any sweet-smelling aroma. Rice is a staple of the national diet — eaten at almost every meal — and in the city of Al-Mashkhab, in Najaf province, amber cultivation is an integral part of the local identity. As climate change tightens its grip on Iraq, though, amber rice is the latest casualty. Farmers here are grappling not only with a loss of income, but a way of life. 

Wracked by years of drought, Iraq is now experiencing its worst heat wave in decades. Water flows on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers are near record lows, leading to a cascading water crisis in the Iraqi countryside, where farming techniques have not kept pace with the times. Amber cultivation, which typically runs from the end of June to October, requires the rice to remain submerged in water throughout the summer. In 2021, the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture made the “difficult” decision to prohibit most rice planting in an effort to conserve water.

Where do the Iraqi officials plan to go?  I'm sure the Saudi royal family made their exit plans long ago and purchased homes in other countries for that reason.  The plan being to pump every drop of oil out of the Middle East before they flee with every petro dollar.  But lacking a royal family in Iraq also mean the officials lack an exit plan?  They're not going to want to be in Iraq as things get worse and worse and the people start demanding answers.

It is the invisible ingredient responsible for this year's bumper wheat harvest in Iraq, a country generally considered one of the most endangered by climate change and drought in the world.

It has also helped increase the number of Tunisia's all-important date palm oases, is keeping Yemen's agriculture going despite war and ensures that Libya's bustling coastal cities are supplied with water.

Groundwater — fresh water stored underneath the earth and accessed mostly by wells — has always played a significant role in arid Middle East countries. Because it's underground, it isn't as impacted by drought and heat , and it's the main source of fresh water for at least 10 Arab nations, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, or ESCWA, stated in a 2020 report

.But as climate change impacts what little rainfall these countries get and extremely hot summers dry up more rivers and lakes, groundwater is becoming even more important.

"Awareness of groundwater is rising," said Annabelle Houdret, a senior researcher at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability, or IDOS, who's been looking into groundwater management in Morocco specifically.

"In general, people have not thought about it as much as they should because they don't see it. If you see a river where levels falls dramatically, it immediately gets a reaction," she continued. "But [groundwater] is an abstract. By the time we become aware of what's happening with groundwater, it may well be too late."

Making it even more complicated is the variable nature of groundwater, Mohammed Mahmoud, director of the climate and water program at Washington-based think tank, the Middle East Institute, told DW.

There is growing pressure on groundwater in the region, Mahmoud said, but it's also a complicated resource. How to manage groundwater depends on what sort of ground or rocks it's stored in, how deep it's stored, how it flows and how it's connected to nearby surface water like rivers and lakes. It also depends on whether the groundwater comes from renewable sources.

The effects are being seen.  The impact is already being felt.  AFP explains:

Iraqi merchant Mohamed has never seen such a grim tourist season — years of drought have shrunken the majestic Lake Habbaniyah, keeping away the holidaymakers who once flocked there during the summer.

“The last two years, there was some activity, but now there’s no more water,” said 35-year-old Mohamed, asking to be identified by his first name only.

He laid out inflatable water floats, nets and shirts in front of his lakeside shop, but expected few if any customers.

“This year, it’s dry, dry,” Mohamed said, his shirt soaked in sweat in the inhospitable heat of nearly 50°C.

Shorelines at Habbaniyah, about 70km west of the capital, Baghdad, have receded by several dozen meters after four consecutive years of drought ravaged parts of the nation.

The UN ranks water-stressed Iraq as one of five nations most impacted by some effects of climate change.

When full, as it last was in 2020, the lake can hold up to 3.3 billion cubic meters of water, said Jamal Odeh Samir, director of water resources in Anbar Province, but now “the lake contains no more than 500 million cubic meters of water.”

Shops like Mohamed’s and holiday homes by the lake now sit empty in the height of summer. On the beach, stray dogs wander between unused umbrellas.

The Iraqi government keeps signing oil deals.  But it's done nothing to seriously address climate change.

Amidst an ugly rise in anti-LGBTQ hate - note to right-wing bigots who missed the memo: words matter - hundreds of New Yorkers have turned out to honor O'Shae Sibley, a black queer dancer stabbed to death by a white teenager as he and his friends were joyfully dancing to Beyoncé at a Brooklyn gas station. Asserting "the power of community" and their right to exist - and dance - allies insist, "No one should have to live in fear of violent attacks (for) being themselves."

Sibley, 28, was a Philadelphia native who moved to New York City in 2019 for his dance career - Mayor Eric Adams: "He was coming to the city to express himself the way New Yorkers are allowed to do" - and was returning from the beach on the steamy night of July 30 when he and his friends stopped for gas at a Mobil station in Midwood, Brooklyn. As one friend fueled up, the others began dancing, or voguing - a stylized, improvisational dance of model-like poses originating in 1980s Harlem and now popular in the LGBTQ+ ballroom scene. As they danced, shirtless in the heat, to Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance, several white teenagers emerged from the station, demanded the group of black gay dancers stop, and began hurling slurs at them like, “Get that gay shit out of here." "You don’t know us - we’re just having a good time and enjoying our lives," Sibley reportedly told the men. "It's all respect, we’re allowed to be here just like you." Surveillance video shows the two groups in a heated encounter; at some point, most of the young men left but one remained face-to-face with Sibley alongside a friend, taunting them; they began scuffling, and the teen eventually stabbed Sibley in the chest, puncturing his heart.

Sibley stumbled back, falling into the arms of Otis Peña, a close friend whose birthday the group was celebrating that day. In a tearful Facebook video hours after the attack, Peña recalled holding Sibley, his blood soaking Peña's hands and clothes as he lost "the one thing I had closest to my heart." Sibley had “the power to touch everyone’s heart," he said; his friend died "just because he's trying to let people know that we're gay, we exist....We’re not going to live in fear. We’re not going to live in hiding." Sibley's funeral last week in Philadelphia, where he grew up and performed with the dance company Philadanco, drew over 200 relatives and friends, among them Peña, who reiterated his sense of Sibley as "a beacon." "Just when I thought the world couldn't get any darker, it went black," he said in tears. "I know O'Shae would've done everything in his power to stand up for what he believed in...He encouraged us to stand out and be us. He danced with us, he made us sing, even though he sounded like a cat" - bittersweet laughs from the crowd - "but there was a beauty in it all. It was the power of brotherhood, the power of family, the power of community." "Remember, in dark times there is always light," Peña ended. "And for everyone in this room, that light is O'Shae."

Sibley's murder sent shockwaves through New York's LGBTQ community and beyond at a time when violence and threats against LGBTQ+ people have soared nationwide, with nasty rhetoric increasingly spiraling into "real world harm." While hate crimes generally, and those targeting LGBTQ people specifically, are hard to document and famously under-reported, experts cite at least 356 anti-LGBTQ "incidents" in the last year and up to 11,000 hate crimes in 2021, the most recent data available, up 12% from the year before. Calling Sibley's death "a sobering snapshot" of the hate targeting the LGBTQ community, advocates hope it can "serve as a wake-up call." "We have to call out hate for hate," said the ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt. "Homophobia is homophobia, and a violent act predicated on prejudice is not a point of view. It is an act of hate." Still, even a brief, queasy look at comments about Sibley's death also serve as a wake-up call to the malevolence unleashed by today's right-wing bigotry. As in: "Stop exaggerating the special treatment for these people....Celebrate Me, Celebrate Me, Celebrate Me! It's just getting old...If they minded their own business and left kids alone they would be all right. People are getting tired of them shoving their lifestyle in their faces...You DON'T need to prance around while getting gas. Get your gas, and move on." (And otherwise, clearly, die.)

On Aug. 10, a week after Sibley's death, his assailant Dmitry Popov turned himself in. A 17-year-old high school senior who lives nearby with his Russian mother, he has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder as a hate crime, second-degree murder, two counts of first-degree manslaughter as a hate crime, first-degree manslaughter, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree menacing and second-degree aggravated harassment. A spokesperson for the D.A's office explained the double hate-crime counts stem from legal theories based on "intentional” violence and “depraved indifference." Popov will be tried as an adult; he faces a minimum of 20 years in prison, and has pleaded not guilty. His grandmother says he was defending himself from Sibley and his friends: "There were four of them...Strong big men and intoxicated...If he did not do it, (they) would have killed him." She also refuted initial reports the family is Muslim; she said they're Christian, her grandson isn't racist, and "he does not understand gay or not gay." "We are going to stand up for Mr. Sibley: for the right he has to dance, to be exuberant, (to not) stop dancing because it offended someone else," said D.A. Eric Gonzalez of the charges, citing today's "intolerance (of) people who are different than ourselves." "That's a right all New Yorkers not (be) afraid to live your true self."

New Yorkers have, nonetheless, been shaken by the "cold-blooded murder" of "a gentle spirit (who) loved dancing" on the streets of "the best city in the world to be yourself." Still, notes a local, "Being visibly queer in this world, even in a ‘liberal’ city like New York, is like walking outside with a target on your head.” For those like Sibley who've found a safe space in the ballroom scene, voguing is seen as "the dance of our people" and "an act of resistance." Said one dancer. "We come to ballroom to be peaceful, and that’s exactly who O’Shae was." His death reverberated through a close-knit Black queer community where "we have each other's backs (because) it's so much against us already" and "it could have been so many of us....We all listen to Beyoncé. We all dance...It could have been anybody...To be Black and gay, we share one skin.” Since the murder, people have held vigils, marches, memorials, dance pits, at the gas station and Chelsea's LGBTQ+ Center, wearing orange (O'Shae's fave) and bearing signs: "Stop Hate," "Dancing Isn't A Crime - Murder Is," "We're Here, We're Queer, Get Used To It." They've wept, laughed, danced, grieved, declared, "This is our city too" and vowed to "continue to live out loud" in an America where "being Black and queer...always feels like you’re being left behind." “O’Shae Sibley should be alive," yelled activist Qween Jean at the gas station. “We are done dying in silence."

The murder of O'Shae is one that Ann's covered at her site at length.  Ann's already called out other lies from the grandmother but in Abby's story, a 17-year-old "does not understand gay or not gay"?  She needs to stop lying.  At this point, reality, her thug grandson killed a man.  He instigated the whole thing by going over with his friends and insulting the man and saying that he was Muslim (which he wasn't) and that he didn't like gay people.  That's what the thug you raised did, Granny, and you should be on your knees begging O'Shae's family and friends for forgiveness, not lying for your killer grandson.  You and your family did a lousy -- criminal? -- job raising your grandson.  Lying won't work now.  It's time for accountability.

And this killing -- and others like it -- result from the hate spewed by hate merchants like Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and so many others and it results from the silences and 'alliances' so many have made with the hate merchants.

That's fat ass Tare Reade who can't stop reTweeting her gal pal Marjorie Taylor Greene.  No matter what racist thing Marjorie says or what homophobic thing she says, defector Tara can't stop supporting her.  We all need to remember when ugly Tara emerged on the scene and she just wanted to help the world and heal the world.  Now she's in bed with hate merchants.  That's who she is.  

There are the silences from the likes of Katie Halper who wants so desperately to get along with her transphobic and homophobic peers like Matt Taibbi and Aaron Mate.  

And there is the end result of all of this: O'shae's murder.  

Marcia rightly calls out THE VANGUARD for a comment they made as they rushed to prop up Marianne Williamson yet again.  And it's sad because they know better and were too busy trying to rescue Marianne for her ridiculous caving to realize that they were betraying their own statements.  And let's add another point for THE VANGUARD boys, if you want to call out Robert Kennedy Junior for all of his right-wing media appearances, Marianne's not far behind on that.  And when she goes on there and won't stand up for trans people or when Bill Mahr lies about book bannings and she'll say a sentence to correct him and then cave?  She's not helping anyone -- not even herself.

She's becoming as fake as all the 'left' people who have rushed to defend and prop up hate merchant Tucker Carlosn.  And Molly Sprayregan (LGBTQ NATION) notes Mother Tucker while reporting on hate merchant Ronald DeSantis:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his 2024 presidential campaign affiliates have given $95,000 to an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group in Iowa.

The Family Leader Foundation is affiliated with the Family Research Council, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is run by prominent evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats, whose endorsement is considered extremely influential for the Iowa caucuses, as according to Reuters, about two-thirds of Iowa caucus-goers in 2016 identified as evangelical.

Campaign finance reports reportedly show that the $95,000 was paid collectively by the DeSantis campaign, the DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, and a pro-DeSantis nonprofit called And to the Republic.

$25,000 from the DeSantis campaign went to an ad in a commemorative booklet passed out at the event, as well as access to an after-event dinner with Tucker Carlson. $20,000 from And to the Republic bought a table at the after-event dinner, and $50,000 from Never Back Down got DeSantis a two-page ad and dinner tickets.  

The hate merchants need to be called out.  If calling out Bill Mahr's hate and lies that he's spewing as he sits across from you spewing it is too damn much for Marianne Williamson then she needs to drop out of the race.  She doesn't have the strength.  And we'd be addressing what a huge backstab that is and a betrayal of the only thing she did for Pride Month this year but we've got a bigger issue to address right now.  Just grasp that if, for example, Katie Halper can't call out these hate merchants (many of whom she works with), she's telling you she's not on your side.  She's Naomi Wolf Jr.  

Yes, we're back to her.

Naomi Wolf, the filth that keeps stinking up the place.  She's got a SUBSTACK article -- no one publishes her anymore -- not since her book got pulped for one error after another.  You can go to her Twitter feed and find it.  (Twitter?  I don't work for Elon Musk.  I'll call it what it's known as.)  

"No Vice President organically departs from talking points to repeat herself randomly, and to create the trademark 'word salads', devoid of linear meaning, the Vice President Harris produces."

If you're a feminist, you need to remember that.  You also need to remember that Naomi's writing this in yet another piece defending Donald Trump ("On Hearing President Trump In Person -- And Not Hating It").

Donald Trump doesn't speak normally.  That's not a new observation from me.  Check when he was president.  Sometimes people were distorting what he was saying and sometimes they were not understanding what he was saying.  I do not like Donald but I do like fairness and if I was aware of this taking place, I would note it here and translate him into basic English. 

So Donald has serious speaking issues -- which go far beyond his ego and self-focus.


I hear the term 'word salad' applied to her.  I don't watch TV 'news.'  I listen to the radio -- PACIFICA and NPR -- I'll stream some things on YOUTUBE.  But mainly I read.  That's periodicals but, with regards to Kamala, that's more often transcripts. 

I've not heard the 'word salad' -- even in YOUTUBE videos with "word salad" in their headlines.

But here goes Naomi, rushing to defend the sexist Donald Trump (who has assaulted women -- several women made credible cases) and so she goes after Joe.  Joe's the president, fair game.

Why is she dragging Kamala into this?

She's hoping for more headlines and attention? 

I don't have a problem with the way Kamala speaks.  I understand her.  I know Kamala, as long ago disclosed, I'm not a fan.  I am a friend of Willie Brown's and, as we noted here in real time, during the primaries he would frequently tell me I was being too hard on her.

My point here is that Naomi is out of the feminist world and, again, never needs to be let back in.

I am not a fan of Carol Gilligan.  I've read Susan Faludi's BACKLASH and I know that Carol's work was distorted.  Even so, I'm not a fan.  She is a feminist writer and a lot of people enjoy her.  Jane Fonda, a feminist, for example praises her work.  


Naomi Wolf has praised Carol's work as well.

So a woman speaks and a society judges the way she speaks?  I wonder what Carol Gilligan would say about that.  I don't really wonder, I know she would label it sexism.  And Naomi knows that as well but there goes Naomi going after Kamala in any way that she can -- even when it requires her to resort to sexism.  

Again, I'm not the Carol Gilligan disciple.  I didn't care for IN A DIFFERENT VOICE and felt it reached beyond it's grounding and was very short on facts.  I felt it said things that we might feel but the research didn't really go beyond feeling.  

Doesn't mean Carol's wrong.  Just my take on the book.  By contrast, Naomi sang the book's praises -- and she and Carol have blurbed one another over the years.  She's willing to even stab Carol in the back in her effort to crown herself America's Worst Grifter.  

Nut job Naomi reveals she and Eric (her husband of the moment -- non-friendly warning, Naomi, ask Eric what he was doing when you were in the hospital) went to see Donald speak last month and it was an epiphany for "a student of Edith Wharton" like herself.  She realized that SPY magazine and others had conditioned her to dislike Donald the "vulgarian," that it was part of a "global elite" and "liberal elite" plot "to hate and disdain someone."  

You really are insane.  

But I guess that nutty theory knocked what you claimed to have learned from Carol Gilligan's book right out your head.

Donald has a bad reputation because he earned it and it goes far beyond SPY magazine. 

Unlike Naomi, I know Donald -- as disclosed here many times.  And I don't like him.  And that has nothing to do with what SPY magazine wrote about him.  (I didn't read SPY.  The only thing I've ever read when the magazine was publishing was a comic supplement they did with one issue -- Al Gore was Eco Man or something and I forget what they dubbed Bill Clinton.)  

Before I ever knew Donald, I knew of Donald -- and this wasn't due to any media coverage -- most of which was honestly glowing for years and years.  This is because that family ripped people off over and over.  Donald is of that family, he's really no different from the other family members. 

Last month "at Bedminister," Naomi writes, "I was moved, before I even heard the man."  In his home and on his grounds she saw "Jay Gatsby's Long Island."  

Peggy Noonan, check under the bed.  With writing like that, I think Naomi's coming for you so she can take your spot in the media landscape.

What I  know is there's no greater idiot than Naomi.  I've read THE GREAT GATSBY -- I've actually overread it -- it's one of my favorite book.  For years, every October I would read it.  Great work of fiction.  But Jay Gatsby isn't a hero.  He's the main character but he's not a 'good guy.'  I don't think Naomi grasped that when she read THE GREAT GATSBY or, at least, when she read the Cliff Notes on THE GREAT GATSBY. 

"Trumps choices," she insists, "were not vulgar" -- indicating that the term is just another item she doesn't grasp.

I'm sorry but we have to note this poorly written sentence.  She's a bad writer when it comes to facts and analysis but this sentence exposes just how bad of writer she is when it just comes down to pulling together words: "We found ourselves, the following day, at the event itself."  

A better mastery of word choice would allow Doris Lessing to get away with nonsense like that but it would still be embroidery and not writing.  And, for the record, Naomi Wolf is no Doris Lessing.

Naomi finds herself entranced by the Jews present.  Not, you understand, just any Jews, "These were not the Jewish readers of THE NEW YORK TIMES, or the inhabitants of the Upper West Side.  These were not the liberal Jews from whom I descend.  These were the stalwarts of the few Zionist organizations left in America" [. . .]  She's surprised they are supporting him.  They are fundamentalists -- as is obvious by how they dress.  Naomi who previously advocated for women to wear the burka loves the women, is enthralled with the women "with long sleeves and ankle-length gowns, their hair covered by wigs and scarves."  And they're supporting him due to Israel as she finally admits, "He had, in their view, staunchly defended the State of Israel."  Now we can all vote for who we want and we can all rank our issues.  However, I do question the patriotism of those whose number one issue is whether or not a president "staunchly defended" another country.  I feel that way about Cuban exiles who want the US to be at war with Cuba and I feel that way about people like the ones Naomi is describing (hopefully misdescribing) who push not for the US to support the American people but to "staunchly" support the government of Israel.

We need to note some writing so bad that it goes off into purple prose:

There appeared the man himself.  He was welcomed, and he took his place at a low, informal podium.  For a moment I had an eerie experience: this man -- the target of white-hot hatred from everyone in my former life -- was standing about ten feet away from where we seated.

What's the logical follow up sentence to that?  "And gasping, I had my first ever clitoral orgasm"?

Sadly, she instead writes about "his height," "slight swagger," "dark blue suit," "signature red tie, and his face" -- she rushes to insist that he's laying off the orange -- "in the hair, on the skin" and praises "whoever was advising him."

She writes, "Then President Trump himself spoke."

You're thinking, "At last.  Finally, get to the point."

You should be.  "Spoke" in that sentence?  It's the 1877th word in her piece about how she went to hear Donald speak.  1877th word. 

The sentence that follows, "I did not record his remarks so my summary here is impressionistic."


You were expecting factual?  From Naomi Wolf, you were expecting factual?

Her impressions?  He's "extremely street smart about geopolitics" which left her "impressed."

If you've seen the latest husband Eric, you know it doesn't take a great deal to impress her.

She applauds his attacks on Mexico when president.  You and I, we see him demonizing a population, an entire country.  Naomi Wolf sees it as his action "to keep mentally ill or criminal people from crossing our borders." 

He gave her, "to be frank, again, a pang."

And he wasn't just a bully, "he had been our bully."

Apparently, and I'm guessing here since she can't quote a single word Donald said, at this point he had broken into song, Bryan Adams "Everything I Do" ("I do it for you").  

The closest she gets to quotes?  Sentences like this one, "And he said that he had brought our men and women in uniform home."


The crackpot's an idiot.  US troops remain in Iraq.  Donald didn't pull them out.  If he had, I would've applauded him for that.  He also didn't visit them there. I'm not a fan of Mike Pence, but go look in the archives and you'll see when he was Vice President and visited Iraq, we noted it and we gave him credit for it.  Donald didn't visit war zones.

What troops did he bring home, Naomi?  It wasn't Iraq.

And it was Joe Biden who pulled troops out of Afghanistan.

She's such an idiot.  Pop another pill, crazy.

She was apparently too busy using her fingers to self-pleasure during the speech -- what with all those "pangs" he made her feel -- to quote what he said when he stood before her but she does find time to quote him from years ago -- to quote the vile and disgusting things he said about women over the years but just to explain to you that it wasn't that bad.  The words that offended you, the gross sexism, wasn't that bad.

She wants you to know that his sexist remarks were "actually phrases taken out of context by the press."  Let's go to that passage:

The full Megyn Kelly quote is:

‘“Certainly, I don’t have a lot of respect for Megyn Kelly. She’s a lightweight and y’know, she came out there reading her little script and trying to be tough and be sharp. And when you meet her you realize she’s not very tough and she’s not very sharp.” Then, came the kicker: “She gets out there and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her … wherever.”’

President Trump asserted later, after a media firestorm saying that he was referring to menstruation, that he did not mean to refer to menstruation. “Trump himself has insisted that he did not, in using the word “wherever,” actually mean to suggest that Kelly was on her period. Rather, as he later told the Today Show and CNN’s Jake Tapper, he meant that she was so angry that she seemed to be bleeding from some other orifice—like, say, a nose, or an ear.” And arguably, his quote was indeed not directly saying what the media universally claimed it said.

It wasn't taken out of context. What he said was quoted.  Later, when he got pushback, he didn't say he was misquoted -- you, nut job -- he said that he didn't mean "period" when he said "wherever."  She's so disgusting. 

The woman who, in college, covered up for a rape at her boyfriend's frat house, sat down the next morning and ate with the rapist while they made fun of the victim and the shoe she'd left behind (idiot Naomi told the story on herself in PROMISCUITIES -- one of the books Carol Gallagher blurbed, by the way) has the nerve to then excuse Donald's "grab them by the p**sy" remarks and to insist that, as "a rape survivor, [I] couldn't bring myself to vote for him."  But, hallelujah, now she's seen the light.

Was it the morning light pouring into the kitchen of the frat house where you sat at the table making nice as the rapist bragged about what he'd done and the others laughed?  Was that what the morning light was like, Naomi?

Nut job wants?  You knew it was coming, "a Trump-RFK Jr ticket" -- of course she does.

We've been calling her out here because that's what feminist do.  We tell the truth and we call out those that harm.  It's not minor.  And if you thought it was,  even yesterday morning when we had to cover nut job yet again, maybe now you see the point.  

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