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Here's a video about day two of Johnny Depp's trial.

Second, Lisa asked if I'd note this video review of THE LOST CITY.

And I'll note this video review too.

THE LOST CITY really is a good comedy-action film.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Wednesday, April 13, 2022.  The left hurts itself by embracing a registered sex offender and presenting him as a trusted source and friend.

 I thought we'd rogressed.  I hoped we had.  But instead, here we are again, having to discuss Pig Boy.

And maybe that's my fault.  When he started slinking back in, via CONSORTIUM, my attitude was that they just needed to stop lying for him.  Joe couldn't stop lying which is why we no longer note CONOSRTIUM.

Joe did a video where he praised Pig Boy.  Pig Boy was an innocent.  His only crime was that he told the truth a bout the Iraq War and for that the media turned on him.


That's not the truth,

Right now, Johnny Depp is in court with Ambr Heard.  The knee jerk reaction is to believe Amber.  Why?

She's perjured herself in a pre vious court appearance.  She has not been forthcoming about whether or not she donated over #3 million to the ACLU.  She got headlines for doing that.  Several years ago.  The headlines proclaimed that she did it.  But she didn't.  And instead of being honest about it, the ACLU tried to insist some sort of 'private communication' standard.

I'm sorry, ACLU, private?  When she grand standed for publicity, she threw away privacy.  I'm told she didn't donate the money.

Doesn't surprise one bit.

When Johnny decied to marry her, I told her she would ruin his life.  Because she's trash and I knew she was.  When I spoke to Amber after learning of the marriage plans, I asked what she was thinking?

Did she love him?

Was this something that was supposed to last forever?  If so, did that mean that they were going to have an open marriage because she was a declared bisexual.  

How exactly did she a happy marriage?

She couldn't answer the question and she couldn't because she was a user who was about to take Johnny for all she could.

Now you can argue that this is a he-said.she-said issue and that no one can know (the audio clips make it pretty clear she abused Johnny).  You can do that.

And we can disagree based on our own interpretations.  

Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock and some idiot who is not in the industry but got a paper degree barely wanted to tell the press that no one stripped Kevin Spacey of his Oscar.

When was Kevin convicted?

In a court of law, when was Kevin convicted?  He hasn't been.  We have an actor on a STAR TREK show insisting that when he was 14 or 15, he went to a party at the then-20something Kevin Spacey's apartment -- without his parents, without a guardian -- and the kid was bored and went to Kevin's bedroom and got on his bed.  After midnight, when all the normal guests had the decency to go home, Kevin walks into his bedroom and finds the guy on his bed.  He kisses the guy.

The guy does not want to be kissed.  The guy leaves.  Years later, the guy tries to turn it into an assault.  Not by the rules in play then and not by the rules today either.  

Maybe next time, don't go to strenage men's apartments, don't stay there alone after midnight and don't get on their bed.

If you do those things and a man kisses you and you object and that's the end of it, count yourself lucky

You didn't raped.  

You're a drama queen who needs the world's attention.

I don't care bout Richard Dreyfuss' kid, either.  He groped you, did he?  In front of your dad?  What does that say about relationship you and your father have?

Kevin's not ben convicted of anything.

He may hve used his position in London to harass men and I would find that objectionable but where are the results to that investigation>  To that announced investigation?

I believe Michael Jackson assaulted children.  Micaheal wasn't convicted of that.  We can all disagree and argue over that. 

We are thinking beings.  We have a brain.  And we have to look at what's put before us and come to our own conclusions.

I grasp that.  

Except when you try to apply that to convicted offenders.

Pig Boy is Scott Ritter.

He's suddenly become very popular in the last few weeks with  Jackson Hinkle, Aaron Mate, Max Blumenthal, Lee Camp, Richard Mehurst, the so-called 'Socialist' behind ENEMA OF THE STATE, Dan DeBar, Faran Fronczak, Franc Analysis, Comrade Misty, THE CONVO COUCH . . .

Exactly why are you bringing him on?

He's not an expert on Ukraine.  He wasn't even enough of an expert on Iraq to justify Sy Hersh doing that embarrassing tour with him -- a promotional tour that cost Hersh dearly.

You'll want to pay the cost to?

Let's look at that list for a moment.  

Jackson Hinke.  I was surprised when you used your platform to try to pick up women.  Mainly because I thought you were gay.  But also because it was such an abuse of the power you had been given by your audience.  You and your buddy were drunk and you brught on the two drunk women and produced a very shoddy episode and also disgraced yourself.  I don't know how you thought that was journalism or something to share with the world, but you did.

It was sad to watch and it goes to, at the very least, a level of immaturity that you need to address and, at worst, some issues that you have.

Richard Medhurst?  I defended you from the gossip.  I won''t do that again..  I defended you from charges -- whispers -- that you'd assaulted women.  I won't do that again.  You have brought Scott Ritter on repeatedly in the last weeks.

I believe tht goes to your character and I no longer am comfortable defending you.

I think you all need to take a look at your actions.

Scott Ritter was arrested three times for attempting to find underage girls online and have sex with them.  The first time, he largely talked his way out of it and was able to keep it quiet.  The second time, he got a slap on the wrist and, after he began speaking of Iraq, his enemies in the Democratic and Republican parties leaked to the media that he'd been arrested twice for this pedophilia.  And that he was on probation for it.

That's what got him kicked off the corporate media.  

Joe tried to lie on a CONSORTIUM program and claim that Scott was kicked off because he was telling truths about Iraq.


Kicked off because he was a pedophile.

And yet he was being promoted by Panhandle Media.  And they never noted the arrests.

If Scott's behavior continued, and it tends to do so with pedophiles, we noted that these outlets were putting young girls at risk.  They could say, "I read him at THE NATION so I thought I could trust him!" (Katrina vanden Heuvel, when it was put to her in terms of her own daughter, got it and stopped highlighting him at THE NATION), or "I saw him on DEMOCRACY NOW! so I thought I could trust him!"

No surprise, two times wasn't the end of it for Scott.  After Barack Obama became president (Scott had previously insisted the Bush administration had targeted him and persecuted hm and he was innocent!!!), Scott got arrested again.  He didn't get a slap on the wrist this time.  He got put on trial.  He was found guilty on multiple counts and was sent to prison.

He is now a registered sex offender.

If Twitter bans him, like Mike, I really don't care.  

I think, as a registered sex offender, his Twitter account should note that.  I think it should be dislcosed anytime someone's stupid enough to bring him on as a guest.

Three times.

What does this ay about the way the left sees women and girls?

We're just disposable.  We don't matter.  "Larger issues," you understand.

F**k that and anyone who operates under that.

You are condoing violence against females when you bring him on.  You promote as a victim and as a trusted voice.  Shame on you.

Now we made all these arguments in the '00s and managed to shut down his sphere of influence.  

As he began popping back up recently, I was hoping someone else would step forward and that I wouldn't have to again be the bitch that has to rain on their party and point out the obvious.

But it's not happening.  Monday night, for Hilda's Mix, I noted all the e-mails coming in on this topic asking me to speak to it.  I didn't yesterday morning because I was too angry.  If Hinkle and Medhurst think I was hard on them, they should read the unpublished version of yesterday's snapshot.

I don't get these people.  But maybe their own vanity will save them?

Scott Ritter, convicted sex offender, is not an expert on Ukraine.  

When you bring him on to make your case, ou're making a weak case because anyone watching can say, "He's a sex offender.  Why listen to him?"

More to the point, he's a really dumb sex offender.  In the '00s he was arrested for it three times.  Three.  Most crooks would have gotten smarter, not Scott.

What does that say about his 'great' mind and what he has to offer?

You look like an idiot bringing him on.

And you better believe that women and survivors of assault are notcing.

And it's going to be you who suffers.  Not Scott, you.

You're harming yourself because you're sending out a message that someone convicted is a good guest.  This is not a person done in by a whisper campaign.  This is a man three times arrested, publicly tried, found guilty and sentenced to prison.  A man who is a registered sex offender.

You're making your choices obvious.  Don't be surprised when women decaide you don't have a voice worth listening to.

And don't be surprised that people decide not to listen to you or trust your jdugment when you're big witness is a convicted sex offender.

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