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Robert Osborne


Above is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Everyone gets a car!" from this weekend.

Okay, is there any reason for Jon Cryer to be trying a new sitcom?

He's doing a pilot for ABC.  And it's single camera.

He was almost bearable in TWO AND  A HALF MEN -- with multi-cams.

But his self-love is so great when he's single-cam that he sinks everything.

Robert Osborne has died.

If you watch TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES, you know who he is.

He's also doing a lot of intros for DVDs.  My copy of Paul Newman's HARPER, for example, has an introduction by Robert Osborne.

I liked Robert because (a) he loved movies and (b) he wasn't partisan.

Ben Mankowitz has really crossed a line.  He is now trying to walk it back but I don't think I'll forget.

The woman they have on the weekends needs to stop smiling all the time.

A man I idolized and have tried to emulate. He could not have been more gracious when I co-hosted with him on TCM 10 years ago.

That's who they need to get on as a regular, Dave Karger.

He isn't dour but he doesn't smile like a used car salesperson.

He's smart and he makes it look easy.

That's what Robert did and Dave Karger's the only one who seems to get that.

Eva Marie Saint has a piece on Robert Osborne at THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER which opens:

I was in awe of Robert Osborne, the man, and his incredible talent. Like everyone else, I loved watching him introduce classic films on TCM. But I was fortunate to also get to know him in real life by spending time with him and being interviewed by him over the years at events around the country.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, March 7, 2017.  Chaos and violence continue, Hayder al-Abadi plays dress up, the so-called 'resistance' reveals how hollow they really are . . .

Day 141 of The Mosul Slog.

Iraqi, Kurdish, and ISIL forces in battle for control of Mosul. The map below shows who controls what for now:

Note the results above.

It took US forces how long to get to Baghdad in 2003?

And they were foreign forces.

140 days later and Mosul's still not liberated.

But propaganda requires that Hayder al-Abadi parade around.

PM Has arrived to city, Historic visit because his NEXT visit will be to announce the city completely liberated.

Short, squat, rolly-polly Hayder dresses up and plays soldier.

What does the prime minister have to be proud of?

The Islamic State still controls portions of the area (see map above) and all Hayder's done is make clear he didn't prepare for refugees.

He told the civilians to stay in Mosul, remember?

Here's what they saw.

Many Mosul residents like this grandma have been displaced by the fighting between ISIS and the Iraqi military.

Not since Bully Boy Bush played dress up under a banner reading MISSION ACCOMPLISHED has a leader

Iraqi PM arrived in this morning to check up on the troops fighting , great gains this morning

Moving over to US President Donald Trump and immigration.  He's released a new executive order putting immigration on hold for a variety of countries.

Unlike the previous list, Iraq isn't on this one.

So you'd think a number of Americans would be happy.

We've had to endure laughable stories about how this was a slap in the face to the Iraqi forces (who have no need to come to the United States -- but let's not point out the obvious apparently), we've had to endure chest beating about how this translator or that translator walked on water (without ever noting that all of those cases were supposed to be decided years ago), we've had whining about optics.

And now that the new list doesn't include Iraq?

Oh look, it's bed wetter Domenico Montanaro from NPR:

But... Iraq... isn't... one... of... the six... countries...

He apparently missed all of NPR's stories previously where they insisted Iraq shouldn't be on the ban.

Before the next Tweet is shared below, WARNING: KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM THIS PERV.  NEWSWEEK's Kurt Eichenwald is known for giving kiddie porn performers thousands of dollars and then calling them liars when they reveal that face.

Travel ban is stupid & counterproductive. But ISIS is mostly in Syria & Iraq. And the new one Trump just issued excludes Iraq. Super-genius.

All of that whining -- yes, whining -- about Iraq being on the original order and now this?

Certainly suggests that the issue was not Iraq but, in fact, their daily outrage against Donald Trump.

And then there's the increasingly unhinged Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch.

Wrong! 113 were released by Bush, only 9 by Obama, according to US Director of Naitonal Intelligence.


That Barack only released X?

That's really not what we've been fighting with our opposition to the gulag.

But then you've always been fighting for Barack Obama and not human rights.

You've just made that more obvious over the last few months.

Long before The Debra Messings began humiliating themselves daily, I was on record noting that a number of people should not have Twitter.

I only stand by that remark even more so today.

There are many things to protest under Donald Trump's leadership.

This getting your panties in a twist multiple times a day about everything?

It's not helping anyone.

Not only do you look dangerously unhinged, you make the real issues we should be protesting seem unimportant and trivial.

You also reveal yourself to not be about human rights but instead just a partisan activist who will protest anything Donald Trump says.

That's what the new executive order reveals.

Partisans had a fit about Iraq being on the first one.

Did they mean it?

Some apparently did not because now they're whining about Iraq not being on this one.

A message is being absorbed by most Americans right now: A nutty group will protest anything Donald Trump does.

That makes it that much harder for real activists to sway opinion when it's needed.

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