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Sunday's premier of the final season of MR. ROBOT did not deliver viewers.

That doesn't surprise me at all.  I watched and it was awful.  I wonder if it lost more viewers as the episode went along.

I almost turned off in the first ten minutes, specifically when a major character was shot dead.  That really pissed me off.

In addition, I felt the episode was poorly written and all over the place.  This is a limited episode final season.  Every episode should be about tying up loose ends.

Rami's not the problem, no actor is.  It's the writing.  It's the death air lingering in every scene -- not of someone about to die but of inspiration for this show having died.

They probably should have just done a two-hour special to end the series.  They might have been able to plot that but the season premiere indicates that they can't plot a series of episodes.

I'll watch next Sunday but, after that, I may be done with it.  It's too frustrating.

New topic, I was waiting for this shoe to drop:

Ricardo Chavira, who co-starred with Felicity Huffman on Desperate Housewives, is fuming about the 14-day prison sentence the actress received for her role in the college admissions scandal.
Chavira, who played Carlos Solis for eight seasons on the ABC drama, suggested race was a factor in the short sentence the actress received last month from a federal judge in Boston.

“White Privilege. And I saw Eight years worth of it, so I know what I’m talking about. Accountability and Responsibility don’t mean shit to these people,” Chavira tweeted, along with a link to a news article about the case.

What do you think?

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, October 8, 2019.  Ellen DeGeneres just wants to be friends with War Hawk Bully Boy Bush and can't understand why anyone would have a problem with that.

Let's start with a War Hawk.


Link to headline article

First, look how ugly she looks.  Some people do not age well -- equally true, you eventually get the face you deserve.  Second, "be kind" -- to who?  To the Iraqi people?  To the Iraqi children born with birth defects?  Because you're the dumb ass celebrating the War Hawk who started that illegal war.

Ellen gets uglier every day -- but it's on the inside and no one wants to notice or talk about it.

Some foolish idiots praised that garbage special she did for NETFLIX.  No, that was garbage.

I have frequently, in my life, called out comedians -- usually male -- who spend all their money on drugs and hookers.  That might have been wrong on my part.  Spending time with drug dealers and hookers may have allowed them to remain who they were and kept in touch with people.

Last year, Ava and I stood alone in calling out Ellen's garbage ("TV: The lies of Ellen DeGeneres are out in full force").  People mistook Ellen's approach for tongue-in-cheek.  It wasn't.  That's who she is.  She is out of touch.  She cannot relate to mere people any longer -- that's why she goes to a football game with Bully Boy Bush.  On her talkshow she pretends -- while the cameras are on -- that she's still the same Ellen.  But she's not.  She's made too much money and focused too much on herself.  That was clear in one joke after another that either wasn't funny or that, if you thought about it, found Ellen mocking her core audience.

She also lied a lot.

She couldn't stop lying.  Take Laura Dern.  She said Laura played her love interest.  No, she didn't.  Laura played a lesbian who befriended Ellen and one that Ellen kissed in the airport.  But Susan, her character's name, already had a girlfriend.  She wasn't Ellen's love interest.  She makes that clear when she declares, "I'm in a relationship." She was not Ellen's love interest.  That was the least of Ellen's lies.   From Ava and my piece:

Ellen insists on the special (in the "Ask Ellen" part), "So Laura, as you know, played my love interest on the show and even though she's straight, after she was on my show, she didn't get work for like a year, two years?  Just because she was my love interest on the show."
Because after that 1997 episode of ELLEN, Laura went on to do THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW and the telefilm THE BABY DANCE in 1998, 1999 saw the release of her film OCTOBER SKY, 2000 found her in Robert Altman's DR.T AND THE WOMEN, 2001 saw her in I AM SAM, JURASSIC PARK III, FOCUS and DADDY AND THEM and the telefilm WITHIN THESE WALLS -- exactly what year -- or two -- in there was Laura unable to get a job?

Ellen inflated everything to make herself the great victim.  It was Ellen against the world, damn it!!!!!  No, it wasn't.  ABC may have cancelled her show and Chaz Bono probably helped there calling the show "too gay for TV" to reporters who wrote it up and on Jay Leno's talkshow and on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and everywhere he had a chance (back then, Chaz was a she, but you get the point).

ABC and Chaz may have tried to destroy her.  Ellen was such a weakling that Anne stood up for her (Anne Heche) but Ellen wouldn't stand up for herself.

Regardless, people did.  Her audience did.  Basic decency did.  From our piece:

It did not take her three years to get back on television.  It wasn't even two years.  The last new episode of ELLEN aired July 20, 1998.  March 7, 2000, she was back on TV in HBO's IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK II.  It was one year and about seven months.  Three years?  No. Equally true, the last new episode of ELLEN aired July 20, 1998 and she was on TV frequently in 1999 promoting her two films released that year, ED TV and THE LOVE LETTER.
Even more important, while in NYC to wrap up her comedy tour (July 2000), she told reporters that she would begin filming a sitcom for CBS shortly (THE ELLEN SHOW -- a sitcom where she was again playing Ellen who was gay from the start of the show -- the sitcom also featured the last filmed reunion of Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner).
But Ellen was never 'away.'
Yes,  it did hurt her career to come out, but we're not the only ones who applauded her in real time.  And have applauded her since.  A lot of people applauded her in real time.  What she did was historic.
Which is why she really doesn't need to mess with the truth about what she did.
However, on this special, she  doesn't just want to amuse you, she wants to awaken you.  And that's fine and there are pretty words along the way, such as here:

That time after I came out really was the hardest period of my life.  It was.  But it was the best part of my journey because it's when I realized how strong I was.  It's when I learned compassion.  It's when I learned that the truth would always win. And-and that's when you grow -- when -- Like everyone has a fear, everyone's scared of something but it's not until you face that fear head on that you realize your power and that's when you grow.

First, facing that fear is important but you don't need to make it worse than it was.  That's not going to help anyone.  Ellen came out.  The next fall, ABC tacked a warning label on her show that might as well have said "Beware Lesbian!" but even with that warning, the show still did well in the ratings.  ABC renewed shows with lower ratings than ELLEN's ratings.  That's a part of the story.  Ellen might try telling that part because a lot of people stuck with her, a lot of people cheered her on.
Second, she said, "The truth would always win."
Well, no, not in the special, not in "Ask Ellen," the nine minute special that follows her stand-up special where she takes questions from the audience that attended the taping.
She said she was off TV for three years because she came out.
It's not true.
Kelly Wynne (NEWSWEEK) raves over the special and runs with Ellen's lie, "DeGeneres explains it took her three years to get her career back after the backlash she faced."
So Ellen lies and the media -- without bothering to even examine the claim -- runs with the lie and suddenly the takeaway is: Come out and suffer, you'll be off TV for three years, you'll be out of work.
That's not what happened.

Times have changed, thank goodness (read "TV: She owns the night" about BATWOMAN which aired Sunday).  But times changed because Ellen and those who supported her dragged time kicking and screaming into the present.

What Ellen did, in the 90s, was brave and historic.  Nothing will ever change that and we will applaud her for that.  For that.

In the '00s, Janeane Garofalo co-hosted AIR AMERICA RADIO's THE MAJORITY REPORT.  One guest was actress and director Lee Grant.  Janeane attempted to have an adult conversation with Lee.  It failed.  Lee, during her blacklist period, was a brave person.  Nothing will ever take that from her.  When Lee returned (VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, THE LANDLORD and especially SHAMPOO), she quickly became a coward.  She was never going to risk her career for truth again.  She was a scared rabbit in that interview with Janeane and it was embarrassing as hell to listen to -- even more so if you know Lee.

So Ellen becoming conservative and worthless isn't really a trademark Ellen move that she's invented and patented.

In the recent NETFLIX special, her jokes were all built around how wealthy she was and it was pathetic and hollow.  She has one special from when ELLEN was on that is preserved on audio and it is funny.  She has two HBO specials that she did after coming out and before becoming a talk show diva that are flat out funny.  But the thing about those three specials?  Her observational comedy is covering points that everyone can relate to.  Her NETFLIX special was someone wallowing in ROBIN LEACH'S LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS.

More to the point, she tried to pass it off as truth.  Bitch be woke on us, is what we're supposed to think.  No, she's not.  She's still a petty little bitch and apparently will always be one.

Ellen's preaching scare tactics and also telling lies.
And she's doing that while insisting, in the same special, "It was more important to me to be proud of myself and live my truth."
And, here's what's really pissing us off, she was depressed for months, she didn't know how she'd get out of it -- Yeah, Ellen, we've heard the story before.
What we don't hear now really pisses us off.
One of the biggest pieces of crap in the entertainment world is James Taylor.  James is the subject of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain."  Sorry, Carly, this is an article about truth, so we'll tell it.  As she noted in the joint-ROLLING STONE INTERVIEW with James after they got married, James took a two-seater plane to Nova Scotia.  And in her opera ROMULUS HUNT: A FAMILY OPERA, the divorced dad shows up quoting "You're So Vain," "I walked into . . ."  Equally true, "Just Like A Train" is one of Joni Mitchell's many songs about James and, in it, she sings, "Imagining all the fun I'll have watching your hairline recede my vain darling."  James is so vain.
And he needs to get over it and get over his hatred of Carly.  They were married for many years, they wrote songs together, they sang songs together, they raised children together.
But pRick James won't speak of Carly.  He won't acknowledge her existence in interviews.  He tells his friends not to mention her either.  They're all going to pretend that she never existed.

Once upon a time you swore you'd love me 
'Til the end of the world 
Now, nowhere is far enough away for you 
I must be quite a girl 
Quite a girl 
La la la la la la la 
Halfway 'round the world
-- "Halfway 'Round The World," written by Carly Simon, first appears on her LETTERS NEVER SENT

We're glad that Carly's able to turn it into art -- we applaud her for it.
But that doesn't excuse what James has done and is doing.
And nothing excuse this pig-boy behavior when Melissa Etheridge does it.  In fact, we're sick of 'manly' and deadbeat dad Melissa.  She has used one woman after another and then discarded the woman and pretended she never existed.  What she  did to Tammy Lynn Michaels was disgusting and any man who'd done that to the mother of his children would have a hard time getting work.
Piggish behavior in men or women needs to be called out.
Ellen, we're calling you out.
Anne Heche sacrificed a lot.  She came out the day after she signed to make the romantic comedy with Harrison Ford and it effected her career.  She should have been a leading lady and, if she'd hid her relationship with Ellen, she could have been.  Anne has talent and is good looking.  She'd been moving up the ladder in movie after movie.  But she told the truth and it cost her.
And she was Ellen's partner.  Remember IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK II?
In 1996, Anne Heche starred with Jada Pinkett in the Cher directed segment of HBO's IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK.  In 2000, Ellen starred in IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK II -- in the third segment with Sharon Stone -- in the third segment, the one Anne Heche wrote, the one Anne Heche directed, the one Anne Heche cast her in.
If this two year period was so awful and so hideous and it was so great to be back on TV (do you not exist if you're not on TV, Ellen?), then she should sing Anne's praises.
And maybe when Ellen's telling about how awful that time was for her, she can stop being a pig long enough to note that she was lucky to have Anne by her side.  That is reality because as bad as it was for Ellen, it would have been even worse without Anne.
Ellen's agent, manager and publicist didn't stand up to the ABC execs -- it was Anne who did.
So maybe stop being such a little s**t, Ellen, and give a little praise for what someone did for you.
She can't stop mentioning Portia -- or showing photos of her -- the stand-up tries to be mixed media (and fails).  We're glad you're happy, Ellen, but stop acting like one of the men in FIRST WIVES CLUB because it's outrageous and unbecoming.

Ellen is not grateful for her career and she doesn't like her fans -- it's all there in her last special.  The anger in her?  We wrote about that.  Ellen is a very unhappy person.  And that's why she's lying.  To be so unhappy and justify it, she has to lie and make what she went through even worse.

Her lying makes her the perfect companion for Bully Boy Bush.

He spied on Americans, he terrorized Muslims in this country -- yes, Ellen, there was a round-up, he spat on the Constitution and he started an illegal war on Iraq that led to the deaths of over a million Iraqis.  Oh, and that war, it was built on lies.

“Here's the thing, I'm friends with George Bush. In fact, I'm friends with a lot of people who don't share the same beliefs that I have. We're all different and I think that we've forgotten that that's OK." -



No, Ellen, it's not okay.

You're a lie, we get it, you're a lie.  But your lie is that you're a sweet and caring person.

Have you seen the photos of the Iraqi children born with birth defects?

Here's just a few reminders.

The Iraq war architects are trying to rewrite history about the horrors they inflicted. Don’t let them. Did you know that in some Iraq cities today there are birth defects higher than those seen in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the US nuked them?


From the Archive: Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraq Suffers Epidemic of Birth Defects & Cancer

Warning 18+, Graphic Pictures of Birth Defects. New Study Documents Depleted Uranium Impacts on Children in Iraq

Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq With Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers' op YouTube

The US's use of white phosphorus in Iraq has caused many birth defects. The rates are worse than Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Ellen is a pig.  That's the reality.  And she needs to grasp she can pretend she's 'sweet Ellen' but no one's going to buy it while she's hanging out with Bully Boy Bush.  She's out of touch with reality and that's been obvious for some time.  She ignores gay America except when she wants to try to push them around.  We covered that in "TV: Ellen created her own mess when she decided to embrace homophobia" and we noted these additional pieces:

We strongly recommend Ira Madison III's "Ellen DeGeneres's Kevin Hart Interview Was An Insult To The Black LGBTQ Community," Matthew Jacobs' "Ellen DeGeneres's Kevin Hart 'Interview' Is Artificial-Talk Show Culture At It's Worse," Christina Cauterucci's "Ellen Doesn't Get to Decide if Kevin Hart Has Apologized for His Anti-Gay Remarks," Tre'velle Anderson's "The Problem With Ellen DeGeneres' Kevin Hart Interview," Spencer Kornhaber's "Kevin Hart Is Not A Martyr," Caroline Framke's "Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar Conspiracy Theories Only Make Things Worse,"  Karen Ocamb's "Deconstructing The Ellen DeGeneres Cover Up of Kevin Hart's Latent Homophobia," Drew Goins' "Who Died And Made Ellen DeGeneres The Gay Pope?," and "Don Lemon to Kevin Hart: Walking Away Right Now Is Your Choice."

Since she brought Bully Boy Bush on her show a few years back and tried to dance with him and rehab his image, Ellen has made clear that she is not the person she was or that she pretends to be.

We still see Lee Grant, since her interview with Janeane.  We'll bump into her.  We'll say hello.  She'll mention getting together and we'll appear to agree while making no promises.  We have no desire to ever get together with her.

As Jane Fonda says in CAT BALLOU upon encountering her childhood heroes, "Some gang of cutthroats and murderers.  We used to whisper your names when we were kids, scared to say them out loud.  How sad you got old."

We're all getting old.  And we may get more cautious in age.  That may be.  But there's no reason to applaud someone who buddies up to a War Criminal and then wants to make that issue your problem.

Ellen did something brave in the 90s.  It's historic.  It's also many, many years ago.  And as Janet Jackson so aptly put it, "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"

Ellen's done nothing of value in the last decades.  That's her choice.  We don't have to pretend that someone who did something good decades ago is perfect or someone to listen to -- or did everyone miss what happened to Michelle Shocked?

She's not anyone to chuckle with or to watch on TV.  Grasp that Ellen never said a word against the Iraq War.  Grasp that she was silent when it started.  She didn't want to use her voice then.  But when it comes to rehabbing the man who started it?  Oh, she'll go to great lengths to do that.  And when people rightly complain, she'll insist that its your problem.

Ellen's angry at the world and angry at herself and in relationship she wants to end but doesn't want to be the bad guy.  You can pity her -- she has become pathetic -- but don't listen to her lies.

Lies start wars.

And wars drag on even after the Ellens stop pretending to notice.

In Iraq, the US-installed government continues to wage war against the Iraqi people.

: 2 detained protesters in Diwaniya province severely beaten by security forces one reportedly died They don’t stop using live ammunition some protesters bled to death.

There are many things that separate the dramatic scenes of unrest in & those in cities across , but there’s at least one thing that binds them: The sheer bravery of protesters

Iran has sent 7,500 members of its special unit law enforcement force to Iraq, according to the force’s commander, amid accusations from Iraqi protesters that Iranians have been directly involved in the crackdown on the protests in Iraq.

Council of Representatives approves package to address protesters’ demands: MP

Replying to 
It would have been hard to miss it frankly. 6 days of protests due to rampant poverty & corruption of the PTBs in Iraq. Harshly repressed by gunmen (including snipers) killing unarmed protesters on City streets. It's been brutal.

Replying to 
Not to mention the killing of 18 protesters in one night in Iraq.

Iraq's president called for a 'halt to escalation' after the military admitted to using ‘excessive force' against protesters

Replying to 
It's no wonder the western media has been putting so much negative attention on China between this and the protesters getting shot in Iraq. They have a lot to distract us from.

Iraq President Confirms ‘Excessive Force’ Used Against Protesters Says commanders will be held accountable

More than 165 Iraqis have been KILLED, 6,000 have been wounded in the past week as 🇮🇶 protesters calling for the removal of the government & an end to corruption have clashed with the security forces

Now let's note some stupidity:

If we intervene in Iraq on behalf of the protesters, do you really think we’ll be welcomed or framed as imperialists once more

You stupid, knee jerk idiot.  A military response is not the only response.  How stupid are you?  The Iraqi government exists because of the US government and US troops remain on Iraqi soil to protect it -- Barack sent (more) US troops back into Iraq in 2014 because the fear was ISIS would take Baghdad the way it had Mosul and others.

The reality, pay attention, Sam Veliz, is also that the US provides millions and millions each year to Iraq.  The US government is in the position to say, for example, you turn back on the internet or you lose our reconstruction money.  That's reality.

Every event does not need a military response.  Maybe you're that stupid because that's all you've seen -- it's certainly been the only thing that the US has done since Bully Boy Bush occupied the White House.

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