Thursday, July 30, 2020

I'm not liking the new HULU

This morning, HULU sent me an e-mail:

Our upgraded design makes it easier to find more of the shows and movies you love at a glance!
We're excited for Hulu fans to find more favorites with less searching and more watching. More to see, more to love, more to Hulu.

I would say it's nonsense and a failure. If you go to HULU's community page, you'll find this:

Bring Back My Channels on Home Screen
submitted by ChrisBee in Finding TV & Movies on July 26, 2020 at 05:40 PM
You recently removed my channels from the home page. I used that every time I watched tv. It differs from the live guide so I want both. Please bring back my channels.​
Submitted60 CommentsFinding TV & Movies

Here are some of the comments:

Jmjrj (Customer)
Just now
I do not like the new update. I use my channels all the time and my husband is not tech savvy so this is even worse for him. Please go back to my channels.
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Khuin5 (Customer)
40m ago
Hubby and I do not lime this update at all. Seems lime you have to scroll a ton more stations to get to the station you want when before it 3 across now it’s 1 row!! Stupid.
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PatBis (Customer)

49m ago
Bring back the My Channels option. It takes longer to find what I want. Very disappointed in this ‘update’. Seems like it’s gone backwards in terms of functionality.
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DelRey (Customer)
50m ago
Yes, pls bring back My Channel. I don’t watch a lot and it saves me time looking for shows to watch. I miss My Channel!
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thrivenraider (Customer)
Edited 51m ago
My Channels was the fastest and easiest way to find what you watch the most... So frustrating now... Takes so long I just finally turn it off. BRING BACK MY CHANNELS..... iF YOU WANTED TO CHANGE ANYTHING... ADD A PREVIOUS CHANNEL OPTION ON REMOTE
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Blaird (Customer)
59m ago
My picture has been horrible since the change, seriously thinking about going back to cable!
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Naname (Customer)
1h ago
Please bring back my channels
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CaresaboutTV (Customer)
Edited 56m ago
I do not like the new format. I need my home screen back! Hulu now looks like everyone else (i.e. Netflix). Boo!!!
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ChicagoSteve (Customer)
1h ago

I agree as well. My Channels always showed the most recent channels and now having to scroll forever is very annoying! I also don't like the "AD" for a show that takes up 75% of the home screen

And forget Live Guide. I used to be able to use that. You click down at the screen and it display a live guide and you choose recent channels or all channels, etc. So I tried that last night. Going from the As to get to TBS and TCM? I got kicked out every time before I could get there. It was insane.

I do not like the new HULU. I am seriously thinking about dropping it and moving over to YOUTUBE. I did not like SLING and left SLING for HULU LIVE (I already had HULU plus at that point) but I'm really considering dropping HULU. How serious am I? I started my seven day trial period with YOUTUBE tonight.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, July 30, 2020.  The heat explodes in Iraq and more.

Starting the US where a service member has returned from Iraq.

After nearly three days of travel, the final leg for Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Viviana Molina was down a flight of stairs.
Molina, back early from a six-month deployment in Iraq, surprised her husband, Grand Prairie police Officer Edgar Molina, by interrupting him in the lobby of police headquarters as he conducted an interview with the news media.
The Molinas worked together at the Grand Prairie Police Department until nine months ago, when Viviana enlisted with the Air Force.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many U.S. servicemen and servicewomen deployed overseas have been delayed in returning home.
“I got lucky and got to come home a week early,” Viviana Molina said.

Turning to Iraq where yesterday saw Baghdad reached its highest temperature in recorded history: 51.7 C (125 F).  Summers in Baghdad are always hot.   AP reporting in 2015:

AP reporting in 2016:

AP reporting in 2017:

AP reporting in 2018.

But despite yearly heatwaves, yesterday managed to break the record for all time hottest day in Baghdad.  

Baghdad had record breaking heat on Tuesday at 51.8C, today 49C is forecast, but for Basra in Iraq 53C is likely today, the all time record in Iraq is 53.8C
5:00 AM · Jul 30, 2020

RT's RUPTLY reported earlier this week on some how Iraqis attempted to stay cool by jumping into the Tigris River.

What most can't do is step inside to cool off.  That's because all these years after the launch of the 2003 US-led invasion, all these years of occupation, all these years of US-installed prime ministers have failed to deliver reliable electricity.  Matilda Coleman (UPNEWSINFO) observes, "With the state electricity grid failing, many households were relying on generators to power fridges, fans or air conditioning units, the machines adding a guttural hum to the city’s already-noisy streets."  THE NATIONAL notes:

Iraqi men cool off under a public shower at a street in central Baghdad, Iraq. EPA
Baghdad experienced its hottest day on record on Wednesday, as protests against a lack of basic services continued.
Power shortages, a common occurrence since 2003, led to the latest street protests as people struggled to keep cool.
Temperatures climbed to 51.7°C on Wednesday, surpassing a record high temperature of 51.2°C in the capital.
The protests began on Sunday night in Baghdad and several southern cities, and turned violent in the capital. On Monday, two men died after being struck directly by tear gas canisters that are typically fired in arcs over protesters and on less powerful trajectories.

And to explain how serious this is, let's include GULF NEWS:

Chronic power outages combined with low oil prices threaten Iraq's political stability, and Opec's second-biggest producer must act fast to boost electricity supply or face a new crisis within the next two months.
That's the conclusion of Fatih Birol, the head of the International Energy Agency, which advises the world's richest economies on energy policy.
Iraq faces a widening shortfall in electricity, due largely to a lack of investment in ageing power plants and networks, and the plunge in crude prices this year limits what it can spend to upgrade them. Baghdad must slash red tape and prioritize maintenance and spending on power facilities to stave off social and political turmoil, Birol warned.
'If there are not urgent and concrete steps taken for the electricity sector, we may well have major problems in the next two months in terms of electricity supply, he said in an interview. 'It may well lead to unrest within the country.
In a grim sign of what could come, security forces in Baghdad opened fire Sunday on protesters complaining about power cuts.

Iraq is going through the summer heat (around 50 degrees) and the government decided to cut off the electricity for the people not to protest. Where’s the humanity? Families are suffering and the world is silent. All this in a country rich in oil... F**k the Iraqi government

Heartbreaking story! People in central and south of Iraq sleep inside their car to avoid the scorching heat as the #Iraqi government fails to provide electricity.
2:53 PM · Jul 29, 2020

In the US, is there anything more disgusting than right-wing Senator Tammy Duckworth.  She started her political career pretending to be liberal and knocking the actual leftist out of the Democratic Party primary.  But she lost the general because who the hell wants Tammy?  Rahm and others spent forever grooming her so she could appear 'electable.'  She votes like someone who was groomed and paid for.  She talks like a nutcase. 

Maybe because she is one?

She's spent the last years thinking up nicknames for Donald Trump -- I'm sure the people of Illinois are happy with that hard work -- as opposed to her working to improve their lives.  She's spat on the presidency because she's just trash.

That's all she's ever been and that's all she'll ever be.

Donald Trump did not serve in Vietnam.  Good.  I wish no American had gone to Vietnam.  But because he did not serve in the US military, Macho Manly Tammy has given him all these rude nicknames.  They're beneath her and they're beneath the office of the president.  

It's strange though, isn't it?, how she's trying to become Joe Biden's running mate since Joe also avoided service in Vietnam.  He had, you understand, 'asthma.'  Didn't stop him from playing sports in high school or college.  

Somehow, manly Tammy's not cupping her crotch, spitting on the ground and thinking up nicknames for Joe.

We bring up Freak Duckworth today because she went on ABC and started repeating claims about Russia putting a bounty on US troops in Afghanistan.  Long after the story has been discredited, there's Freak Tammy screeching at the top of her lungs, hiding as always behind her military time, and screaming that others are traitors.  In better days, say the 1950s or 1960s, people would be drumming her out of the Sentate.  Instead, she gets to play Joe McCarthy in drag.

At the start of this month, Joe Lauria (CONSORTIUM NEWS) explained:

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday night that a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which Donald Trump had demanded, has been put off until after the U.S. presidential election in November.
Maintaining imperial interests in Afghanistan seems to be one of the main reasons for the so-far uncorroborated, possibly cooked-up “scandal” known now as Bountygate.
Other motives appear to be the same twofer that was at the core of Russiagate: first, unnamed intelligence officials meddling in domestic U.S. politics, this time to undermine Trump’s re-election campaign; and, second, to even further demonize and pressure Russia.
The public has been subjected to daily morsels of supposedly factual stories meant to further deepen the plot. The first item dropped online on June 26 with The New York Times’ initial reporting on the say-so of “American intelligence officials.”
It seemed yet another attempt to launder disinformation through big media, giving it more credibility than if it had come directly from the security services. A discerning reader, however, would want more than the word of a bunch of spooks who make a living practicing deception. 
The “evidence” for the story that Russia paid the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers came from interrogation of Afghan detainees. If the interrogations were “enhanced” the evidence is even more unreliable. 
For the record, Consortium News supports no candidate and has been a strong critic of Trump. But we see intelligence agencies’ insertion into domestic politics to be a greater threat than even eight years of Trump for the precedent it is setting. As spooks like to say, “Administrations come and go. And we’re still here.”

Tammy Duckworth is becoming a public embarrassment.  History will not look kindly on her nor will it approve of the silence of other Democrats in Congress who should have called her out long ago.

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