Tuesday, March 3, 2020

EMPIRE returns

And it's just as awful as every other episode this season has been.

Why is Hakeem even on?

He never does anything.  He never has a storyline.  He'll have a hissy fit in a scene and that's about it.  That's all it was last night when he thought he and his Baby Mama were getting back together only to discover that, no, they're not.  Hissy fit time.

After that?  The dumbest thing?  Becky's wig.  That had to have been a wig.  It looked fake and Becky does need tight curls to begin with.  Was she trying to be Bernadette Peters?  All she did was look like Becky With The Bad Hair.  And I didn't think it was funny that she was sexually harassing Giselle's younger brother.

How did FOX let that scene air?  Becky is an executive and co-founder of BOSSY and there she is sexually harassing him and telling him, "It's not harassment if you want it."

How did FOX let that scene air?

White Tracy's dead.  She had pulled a gun on Lucious and Cookie at the end of the winter finale.  Now?  She's about to shoot Cookie when Andre rushes in.  She wounds him -- his arm -- and Cookie grabs a gun from the floor and shoots White Tracy killing her.  We don't see the police arrive or her being questioned.  We just Cookie telling her therapist that Tracy left a note so the police know it was in self-defense.  (Bad writing. But that's all the show offers now.)

So this is making Cookie remember that . . . she killed someone before!  Her sister Carol's boyfriend!  She keeps freaking out around Carole -- even when Carol just wants to crack jokes about their other sister Candace.

Yana Cross finds out that her father is evil when she catches him torturing a guy.  She tells him she's never going to speak to him again and he tells her she'll be back to visit when rent's due.

She runs to old flame Lucious (this season kicked off with them living together).  She needs money and wants to sell her lyrics.  He tells her that's just scraps of paper.  He gets her to sing them.  He records and adds his own guitar playing to the tracks.

He doesn't want her to be a songwriter, he wants her to be a star.  He pulls strings and gets her a TV shot on a friend's show.  She sings "Who's Loving You" (the old MOTOWN classic).  Why?  Why not have her sing one of her songs -- like the one Cookie loved?

Cookie and Lucious are finally through -- for this episode.  She signs all the paperwork.  Lucious gives her a watch and tells her never to forget what time it is.

Andre and Kingsley were -- as always -- the best part.  Kingsley is ticked that his mother (White Tracy) is dead and he's going to take it out on Andre.  He threatens Andre's child.  That sends Andre running to his doctor.  He explains he's seeing Kingsley and seeing him more and more.  The doctor says he needs six months of in patient therapy and gets Andre to sign but then Kingsley changes his mind -- he tells Andre he'll lose everything if he goes into a mental institution.

Late Andre lies to his wife Teri.  He admits he's been seeing Kingsley but lies that the doctor gave him new medicine and that will handle it.

There are nine more episodes to come.  I think most viewers are asking: Why?

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, March 3, 2020.  Super Tuesday -- who's still standing?

Starting in the US with the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  It's Super Tuesday.  Multiple states will be making their preferences known today.  From WIKIPEDIA, these are the states for Super Tuesday.

1,34452Alabama primary
6American Samoa caucuses
31Arkansas primary
415California primary
67Colorado primary
24Maine primary
91Massachusetts primary
75Minnesota primary
110North Carolina primary
37Oklahoma primary
64Tennessee primary
228Texas primary
29Utah primary
16Vermont primary
99Virginia primary

1344 delegates are at stake.  I'm looking at the list and remembering 2008.  Hillary supporters in Texas claimed she got less delegates than she should have.  How did that happen?  Texas votes in a primary and that's usually it.  But there is a caucus after the voting closes.  Barack Obama supporters cheated and lied and that's a fact, I've seen the videos.  The worst was the Oak Lawn video -- a part of Dallas -- where Barack supporters controlled the meeting and told the people present that it was fine to go and it wasn't.  As soon as the people not in the know left (Hillary supporters), Barack supporters did the 'official vote' and Barack won.  That's how, even though Hillary easily won the primary, the delegates from the State Convention ended up gong overwhelming to Barack.  He got 54.7% of the delegates to her 44.9% even though she won the primary, getting 50.87% of the votes (he got 47.39%).  It wasn't fair, it wasn't right.

Will it repeat today?

Good question.

One thing we do know,  a lot of candidates couldn't take the heat so they ran from the kitchen.  Still in the race?

Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, War Hawk Joe Biden, US House Rep and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard and oligarch Michael Bloomberg.  That's right, only five candidates remain in the race.

Tiny Pete kept insisting that he had widespread appeal, the kind of appeal needed to win against Donald Trump.  Then came South Carolina and he was out of excuses for the gulf between his campaign and the voters.  They just didn't like you, Pete.  Tom Steyer also read the tea leaves in the results out of South Carolina and dropped out following his third place finish.

The only one more boastful of a connection with voters than Pete was Amy Klobuchar.  Time and again, we were told -- by her -- that she was the only one and that only she had done this or that in an election.  Now the only elections were in her home state of Minnesota but she liked to pretend that they would play out the same way across the country.  Her lousy finish in South Carolina last Saturday didn't help her.  Nor did returning home on Sunday for a rally only to be held accountable by voters in her state.

Rishika Dugyala (POLITICO) reports:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar canceled a rally in her home state Sunday night as several dozen protesters chanted “Black Lives Matter,” “Klobuchar has got to go” and “Free Myon” — referencing the case of a black teenager convicted of murder after a flawed police investigation.

According to videos that emerged on social media, the senator’s rally was set in St. Louis Park, Minn., at a local high school. WCCO-CBS Minnesota reported that the protesters made their way into the rally and onstage, where they continued chanting. After a 40-minute delay, the rally was canceled. 

Replying to  

For Amy Klobuchar: the NAACP in Minnesota has asked you to suspend your campaign and address the fact that you sent a teenage boy to prison based on faulty evidence. You are also polling at 0% with AA voters. How do you expect to win the nom without their support?

They were right to protest.  Never agree to stop a protest for a meeting after the event.  A meeting before the event? Sure.  Go the meeting and if the politician is insincere, protest.  But don't agree to a meeting after.  At the DNC convention in 2008, a group of veterans made that mistake.  They were supposed to be about issues and non-partisan.  They instead got sweet talked and called off their protest.  When the meet-up took place afterwards, it wasn't with any candidate, it was a low-level flunky known as a world class liar for his history of lying.  The meet-up was nonsense and the veterans were played.  Some of them took their rage over that into the GOP convention.  It's a real shame that they wasted a chance to use their energy to impact the Democratic Party.

So tonight at the of St Pau’sl Presidential panel most candidates were represented there but no ? Wonder why? The organizers weren’t pleased and told those in attendance to spread the word. Even Trump had reps there.

Zak Cheney-Rice (NEW YORK MAGAZINE) notes:

Amy Klobuchar finished with zero percent of the black vote in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. But things weren’t all doom and gloom ahead of Super Tuesday: Her campaign-trail nemesis, Pete Buttigieg, had dropped out of the race after a similarly dismal showing in the Palmetto State, giving the senator an opening to recruit some of his newly unmoored supporters. The crucial test would be her home state of Minnesota, one of 15 that vote this week; anything short of a first-place finish there seemed likely to torpedo her 2020 bid. On Sunday, Klobuchar prepped for a rally in St. Louis Park hoping for a show of strength. What she got instead was a protest that forced her to cancel the event and may have been a watershed moment in her decision to drop out.
The night before Klobuchar announced the suspension of her campaign and endorsement of Joe Biden on Monday, demonstrators with the Minneapolis NAACP and Black Lives Matter Twin Cities commandeered a rally stage that had been set up for her, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. They carried signs and banners and chanted “Free Myon” and “Klobuchar has got to go,” prompting counter-chants of “Amy!” from among the hundreds gathered to support her. Myon Burrell was a 16-year-old black boy for whom Klobuchar’s office secured a lifetime prison sentence in 2002, when she was the district attorney for Hennepin County. Burrell was convicted of murder after a shooting that November killed an 11-year-old bystander; holes in the case abound, as outlined by a recent Associated Press report. The details include that Burrell’s alleged accomplices denied he was even there. A substantial share of the state’s witnesses were paid jailhouse informants. The main eyewitness claimed to have seen Burrell that night across the street from where the shooting took place — in the dark, 25 feet away, and behind a wall. The indignities only worsened after the teen was convicted: Klobuchar denied Burrell’s request to attend a memorial service for his mother, who died in a car collision on the way home from visiting him in prison one day.
The case has since become a rallying cry for local activists. The groups protesting on Sunday had called on Klobuchar previously to suspend her campaign, citing her handling of the Burrell case. For her part, the senator has made tepid suggestions that its verdict be reviewed if any new evidence has come to light. But Sunday’s activists were adamant. “Amy Klobuchar has the power and the influence — if she wanted to actually help us to free him she could, and she doesn’t want to,” Leslie Redmond, president of the Minneapolis NAACP, told USA Today. Indeed, the demonstrators asked Klobuchar to have Burrell’s family join her onstage on Sunday. The campaign declined and canceled the event instead, saying they had offered to meet with protesters in private but balked at what they called last-minute changes to the terms of the parley.

Amy was a lot of talk but, in the end, all she was was source material for Ava DuVernay's follow up to WHEN THEY SEE US.

Replying to 

Amy, you were 5th in Iowa (the state next to your own), 3rd in NH, and 6th in NV. You have 0% support from Black voters, and the NAACP called on you to suspend your campaign. Anyone who gave a donation should request a refund

You have to wonder about those big talkers -- Amy and Pete?  They aren't even showing up for Super Tuesday -- this despite the fact that they have been taking contributions all along.  Not to mention that states now have early voting and there are people who have voted in the Super Tuesday states for Amy and Pete already because they early voted.  What a slap in the face to their supporters.

And shame on the reporters.  They were fine doing an 'investigative' report on how people who worked for Amy thought she was a bitch.  But her problems as a prosecutor are well known and have been out there.  That wasn't enough for the corporate media to take interest -- not even in the debates.  She finally got coverage on this issue why?  Because there was 'conflict.'  The NAACP and Black Lives Matter were protesting her at an event.

That's the 'hook' the issue required for the press to give it some serious attention.  That is an indictment of the corporate media.  They refuse to explore issues and instead surf around for hot topics.

The media has a lot to answer for -- including their attacks on Bernie Sanders' campaign.  MSNBC is well rid of Chris Matthews but let's not pretend the bias started and ended with Chris.  Chris wasn't, for example, on CNN last Saturday morning.  The media has not been fair for some time, openly.  They are not fair to Donald Trump and they get away with it because a lot of people don't like Donald and they applaud the nonsense of, for instance, Jim Acosta.  They've gotten away with imposing their opinions as facts and now they're doing it to others as well -- doing it openly.

That's not a defense of Donald Trump and certainly not a defense of Chris Matthews (Ava and I wrote "TV: The future is out there" noting Chris needed to be gone and a note had to be added to it because Chris announced he was leaving MSNBC on his program last night).  It is noting that any desire to be objective, honest or fair has left the media.

Bernie Sanders continues his campaign in spite of the corporate media attacks.  He continues arguing for a world of us -- people united.  And that's a message that has resonated with a large number of Americans.

It’s Super Tuesday and polls are open! Find your polling place and its hours here:

  1. If you can vote, show up today for those who can't—

    The disenfranchised, who deserve their rights restored.

    The undocumented, who deserve a path to citizenship.

    Our kids, who deserve a healthy and habitable planet.

Yesterday, his campaign released a new ad.

The differences between Bernie and War Hawk Joe Biden are many.  Joe supported the Iraq War as a senator.  As Vice President, he mismanaged it.

Remember, Barack put him in charge of Iraq.  In 2010, Iraqis went to the polls.  They faced violence, but they turned out in large numbers.  And they did so to vote Nouri al-Maliki out as prime minister.  That's what they did.  Ayad Allawi should have been the new prime minister.

But Nouri refused to step down.  And Joe Biden refused to demand that he step down.

Eventually, Joe was the lead on the US strategy to overturn the will of the Iraqi people, to nullify their votes, with a contract known as The Erbil Agreement which gave thug Nouri a second term.

It was already known that he was persecuting Iraqis, that didn't matter to Joe.

Ayad Allawi ran on a platform of inclusion and of Iraqi national identity.  The votes were to heal the divisions in Iraq.  That's what the voters wanted.

But Joe didn't want to support that and he showed up in Iraq to sell The Erbil Agreement and began lecturing Iraqi politicians about . . . Ireland.  They looked at him like he was crazy.

Nouri's second term is why you had the rise of ISIS in Iraq.  It's why, by 2012, Barack wouldn't even speak to Nouri on the phone.  Including when Nouri called him the day after the November 2012 election to congratulate him.  Barack refused to take the call and pushed it off on Joe.

So it's about time Joe started answering for the conditions in Iraq because he's responsible for a lot of that having been in charge of the US approach/response to Iraq for his eight years as vice president.

The corporate media is the media of failure.  Since October, it's rare for a week to go by without one of the corporate outlets informing you that, 'over in Iraq,' the protest have died out.

They're not good at spending time on the actual protests -- what the people want, the violence they endure, etc -- but they're really good at telling you -- over and over -- that the protests have died.

It's a real shame though because the protests haven't died.

Iraq Protest well underway now in Baghdad.
Protestors message is the same as before they do NOT want the Iranian regime running their country

Additionally there is a call to have Muqtada Al-Sadr designated as a terrorist

Iran's pres Rouhani & his mob just arrived in Baghdad

The corporate press keeps reporting the funeral but the Iraqi protests still have a pulse.

Student march for university students in Dhi Qar today.

Protesters in , are chanting anti-political parties slogans.

Telegram Channel:



& , when the militias are running the country, police do turn a blind eye.

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