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hillary speaks for victims

Above is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Hillary Speaks For Victims" which went up Sunday.


At the moment, there are 11 comic book movies releasing in 2018 alone (it was 12 before 20th Century Fox delayed The New Mutants to 2019). Marvel Studios makes up three of those films, and those are arguably the most popular/successful. The studio used to put out two movies per year, but they’ve slowly crept up to three blockbuster releases per year, starting in 2017. Given that there’s practically one superhero movie per month of the year, and that each film occupies a significant portion of the news stream, it’s understandable for general audiences to feel superhero fatigue. However, that’s a notion that Feige fundamentally rejects – and it’s something that he continually seeks to combat as Marvel’s head honcho.
In an interview with Vulture for Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, Marvel’s Kevin Feige briefly touched on the subject of superhero movie fatigue while discussing his future at Marvel Studios beyond 2019 (after Avengers 4 hits theaters and concludes the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first saga).

What do you think?

In a lot of ways, I believe the fatigue has already set in.

DC movies are being churned out and are only slightly better than the 1980s SUPER GIRL movie.

MARVEL's done a lot better with their films but I do believe fatigue is there.

I'm not sure about BLACK PANTHER.

We were at Toys 'R Us on Saturday and there were these two little boys (yes, African-American) who had found a 'plushy' of Black Panther (it was a small soft Black Panther like a teddy bear).  And they wanted it and finally their dad relented.  There was real excitement on their part.

So I said to my girlfriend this might be a good indicator of how the movie is going to do well, this excitement.

She then pointed to all the plastic, 12 inch Black Panthers that were on the shelves and not selling.

So is this just an African-American excitement?

I'm sure some non-Blacks will see the film.  And I'm sure some are excited about it.

But I'm thinking A-As can show up in the numbers to make the film hit the top of the box office on opening weekend but for it to have legs it will have to have crossover audiences.

What are you seeing?

I wish the trailer was better.

I don't really feel like it's selling the movie.  It makes it appear like this is a political film -- maybe it is? -- and the thing there is that we don't go in huge numbers -- all ticket buyers regardless of race -- to see political films.

I really hope Black Panther's a big hit but, more than that, I hope it's a good action movie.

Going out with C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  NYT continues to lie about Iraq, a look at some of the other lies told and a defense of Diane Keaton who more than deserves defending.

Last week, a new poll showed a majority of Dems have favorable views of George W. Bush, who destroyed Iraq, tortured & let New Orleans drown. This week, a new poll shows a large majority of Dems trust the FBI, long one of the most abusive, deceitful, & authoritarian institutions.

The great uninformed.

They act as though the FBI was ever disciplined for its crimes against MLK or as though it wasn't illegally breaking into people's homes in the 70s, as though a whole host of people haven't been wrongly killed in FBI raids, as if . . .

But the organization is now their hero because so many have no ethics.

"We don't need this against the left!" hissed a friend to me over the phone last week when she found out about the lawsuit against THE YOUNG TURKS for allegedly having a racist workplace.

There are a lot of ostriches on the left who would rather sink their heads in the sand than deal with reality.

That's not saying THE YOUNG TURKS has a racist workplace -- I have no idea.  That is saying that reality has to be ignored by a great deal of people because they just can't deal.

They can't deal with the fact that Barack Obama didn't end the Iraq War.

So they ignore it.

22 service members have died in Iraq since August of 2014.

But they can't admit that.

They serve up Tweets about how the Iraq War is over and other nonsense.

Someone certainly forgot to tell Iraq that the war was over.

Margaret Coker and Falih Hassan forgot how to be reporters which explains their tongue bath of Hayder al-Abadi in THE NEW YORK TIMES.

They offer a fairy tale about the rise of Hayder.

"This is the same prime minister who was installed with the support of the United States recently and who's visiting Washington [in 2015]?"  Yes, but they ignore the US part in Hayder's rise.

They ignore a lot.

They also lie a lot.

Such as here, "Iraq's postwar Constitution reserves the position of prime minister for a Shiite."


Where does it say that because I've read the country's Constitution repeatedly.

I've never seen that clause -- because it doesn't exist.

But when you produce propaganda, facts don't matter.

A lot of time is spent pretending to 'analyze' Iraq's upcoming elections (scheduled for May 12th).  It's not analyzing anything.  It's drum beating for and ass kissing of Hayder al-Abadi.

NYT kissed Nouri al-Maliki's ass when he was prime minister as well.

They even defended Nouri when he had reporters kidnapped off the streets of Baghdad and tortured -- even in the face of the reporters telling what had happened, NYT was offering defense of Nouri.

Now he's out of power so they kiss his ass a little less.  Only a little less because, the undercurrent of their article, he could be back in power via the elections.

A lot of people kissed his ass back then.

During the 2007-8 surge in Iraq, I saw up close the selfishness and power grabs of PM Maliki, the blind partisanship and cowardly dysfunction of his followers, and how all that destroyed what many had fought to achieve. It also led to disaster.

Too bad you couldn't tell those truths when it mattered.

Couldn't even whisper to them to reporters.

Check the archives, we saw the danger that was Nouri.

And others -- 'musers' on Iraq, maybe -- insisted we were wrong.

Saturday, the US killed at least 8 Iraqis in an attack that's still not been explained.

KURDISTAN 24 reports:

Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba, a prominent faction in the Iranian-backed Shia Hashd al-Shaabi militia, threatened to target US forces in Iraq three days after the US-led coalition mistakenly targeted local police forces in airstrikes in Anbar province.  
The militia group led by Akram al-Kaabi has previously targeted US forces in Iraq following the fall of the authoritarian regime in Iraq in 2003. The militia is suspected to have been trained and armed by Iran as it is close to Iranian Quds Force Commander, Qassem Soleimani. 
 The incident in the town of al-Baghdadi in Anbar province “was evidence of the ongoing barbarism and systematic sabotage of US forces [against Iraqis],” al-Kaabi told Iranian Fars News agency.

Now might be a good time to ask what the exit strategy is?  When does the Iraq War end?  Why do we have US troops on the ground in Iraq?

And let's again note something from KURDISTAN 24 -- about how the same militias now have a tank.  Baxtiyar Goran (KURDISTAN 24) reported yesterday:

The United States has stopped a maintenance program for the Iraqi-owned Abrams tanks after one of the military vehicles was provided to the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi, Iraqi media reported on Sunday.
Iraq-based al-Ghad Press revealed that American company General Dynamics, who produces the Abrams tanks, had suspended its maintenance program in Iraq over the Hashd al-Shaabi’s—also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)—possession of one of the US-made tanks.

“The US tank company [General Dynamics] withdrew from its base in Baghdad’s al-Muthanna airport after finding out that Iraq violated the terms of the contract which only authorized the Iraqi army to use the US provided tanks,” the report stated.

Could we deal with that reality?

Probably not.

Instead we get garbage like this:

We have to recognize that a lot of the problem is of our own making. There, undeniably, would be no ISIS if we hadn’t invaded Iraq.” - David Kilcullen by


David's trash and always was.

He was of the mind to kill every Iraqi he could, basically.

Mr. Counter-Insurgency.

Did the invasion create ISIS?

That's really not accurate.

A lot of people insist it because they want to argue "original sin" -- not out of Biblical obligations but so that they can pretend that all that followed did not take place.

ISIS was created by all that followed.

It was created by backing Nouri.  It was created by overturning the will of the Iraqi people in the 2010 election and Barack giving Nouri a second term the voters didn't want him to have (via The Erbil Agreement).

It was created via persecution of the Sunnis.

It was created by the US government's tolerance of the persecution of the Sunnis.

It was created by a lot of things but let's all lie and pretend that it was the invasion in March of 2003 and only that.  Let's disown all the decisions made by the US -- disbanding the Iraqi military, et al.

A non-pretender has passed.  Robert Parry died over the weekend and he will be greatly missed.  Oliver Stone notes the passing of journalist Robert Parry:

Parry wrote incisive narratives that ran counter to the mainstream media's dishonest takes on the Iraq War, Ukraine, Syria, Russiagate, as well as Presidential elections.

Now we're closing with a different topic.

Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him. It might be of interest to take a look at the 60 Minute interview from 1992 and see what you think.

There's nothing wrong with that Tweet.

Diane is friends with Woody and she's known him for decades.  She doesn't believe Dylan Farrow's claims.  She doesn't have to.  Dylan's allegations have not held up.

I know Diane and I'm getting really tired of the s**t that's being flung at her.

“You knew me when I was a little girl, Diane Keaton. Have you forgotten me?” - Dylan Farrow to your rape apologist ass in 2014. Hope your ribbed turtlenecks are too tight on your throat for the rest of your days, bitch.

Crap like that.

Now what I'm tired of and what I'm not tired of shouldn't be of much concern to most people.

It should frighten the hell out of Mia Farrow and Dylan.

I'm biting my tongue, bitches, I don't have to keep your secrets.

Until 2014, I took Dylan's side and did so (a) because Mia was a friend (anti-choice, pro-war Mia is not my friend anymore, I've ditched her ass long ago) and (b) I give someone claiming to be a victim the benefit of the doubt until I have reason to doubt them.

Dylan came forward with one lie after another in 2014 and that's when I to make a non-reflexive decision.

That claim above that some stupid idiot's repeating "you knew me when I was a little girl . . ."?

Dylan lies all the damn time.

Diane didn't know Dylan.

That's another lie from Dylan.

Diane didn't really know Mia.

Mia hated Diane and was jealous of her -- not as jealous as she was of the other Dianne -- Dianne Weist.

Woody's been far too kind, I don't like lying bitches, so I don't have to be.

Woody slept with Dianne and Mia hit the roof and Woody explained that they didn't have an exclusive relationship and he wasn't looking for marriage and he'd see anyone he wanted.

I know, I had to listen to Mia whining on the phone about it for hours.

Well, then leave Mia -- I told her.  Have some self respect and leave.


Why not?

Mia do we need to go through all this in public or can you put your bitch on a leash?

You've used Dylan for years.  That doesn't excuse Dylan.  Yes, you brain washed her when she was a child but she's now responsible for her own actions.

You and your bitch need to get a grip real quick.  I will outlive you Mia and you have no friends but the laughable hick Maria Roach.  Yeah, hick.

You have no friends in our industry and why is that?

Oh, yeah, you're a bitch.

I am not Woody's friend and never have been.

When Mia and Woody first got together, I avoided him.  When Mia and Woody entered the phase of their relationship where they saw others but pretended to the public they were a couple because Mia begged Woody not to 'humiliate' her, I avoided him.

I found Woody to be too cold and distant.

I do to this day.

I have no reason to defend Woody.

And wouldn't today.

But when Dylan started lying about Diane Keaton and trying to drag Diane into this?

That's when it was time to stop kidding.

She lies and she lies again.  Dylan can't stop lying and she lied throughout her childhood and throughout her teenage years and her early adult years and . . .

The findings that she couldn't tell the truth?  Valid.  She's always lied.

On CBS this month, she was lying again and I know her tells.

So let's stop the pretense that Dylan's the innocent manipulated by Mia.

True once upon a time.  Dylan now knows she's lying -- or, at least, that she may be lying.

Unless you had to sit through SEPTEMBER, Woody's not harmed you or anyone else.

Some of our Social Justice Bitches on Twitter compare Diane Keaton to the wife of a serial killer saying that such and such's wife had no idea.

That's good because that makes the strongest point: serial.

Dylan's the only one insisting that she was molested.

Where are the others?

In this age of criminal procedurals all over the TV and profilers, someone want to explain that?

It doesn't fit.

Dylan's story involving the train set doesn't fit either.  Yes, she's stuck to it.  It happened while she was in the attic, on her belly, looking at the train set that was set up in the attic.  But there was no train set up in the attic.

Some are insisting in their Tweets that Diane Keaton doesn't know Woody.

I'm laughing at that.

Let's put this into context.  Some people on Twitter slamming Diane are insisting that Diane doesn't know Woody -- some people who have never met Woody in their entire lives are insisting that Diane -- who was once his lover, who worked with him for years and has been his friend even longer -- does not really know Woody -- not, apparently, like they do.

Woody Allen has not been found guilty of anything.  Alec Baldwin can defend him.  Diane can defend him.

Those convinced of his guilt would do well to read Dahlia Lithwick on mob mentality.

Diane's defending someone she believes is innocent.  There's no reason to trash her for that.

She's defending someone who has been under non-stop attack for three years.

Good for Diane.

(Yes, I do consider Diane a friend.)

Dylan's lying.  When she was a child, we could forgive her because, yes, Mia did implant the memory.  She fostered it, she bribed Dylan to repeat it.

And those telling themselves lies need to stop.

A self-serving man in Conn. claims, after Dylan's allegations are found to be false, that he would have prosecuted Woody but it would have been too traumatic for Dylan.


That's another lie.

If someone is a child molestor and you have proof, you prosecute.

There's none of this, "It would be too traumatic."

A child molester is a threat to society.  That's why we have prosecutors.

He had no proof and his statements resulted in him being disciplined.

To believe Dylan Farrow's tale, the entire system was against her from day one.  Poor Dylan.  If she didn't have victimhood, what role would she play?

Untalented, ugly daughter of two famous people who had all the breaks in the world but still herself managed to accomplish nothing?

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